Ben Lerer’s Most Satisfying Investments

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Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) – Thrillist Media Group Co-Founder Ben Lerer discusses some of his investments. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Obvious investors.

Would you think has been the most satisfying?

The most satisfying -- i think probably the businesses that we have incubated.

So, we have invested in lots of companies, but we have built a few.

Sex can you name one?

The first one up -- can you name one?

The first one was "huffington post." we have launched three.

The most recent is called the dodo, and i was thinking we are talking about killing the dogs, and it is about animals, approaching animal rights from a really ideological place, and coming at it from trying to sort of talk about the issues, but also bringing issues to people that would not necessarily think that they cared about animals.

I find myself reading dodo religiously.

Would you partner with animal planet, or do you look at them as competition?

You look at them as a traditional media business that is ripe for disruption.

When we launched "huffington post" we looked at "the new york times" and said how could we build a business that will represent the "new york times" for the next generation, and when we look at animal planet, it is not directly looking at it, per se, but a traditional business model, and saying how do you build something that is digitally native that speaks to that audience.

You have a 3-d "the name that stuck out to me -- printing company that stuck out to me.

A bunch of stocks tumbled when one of them, with negative results.

There is a question about the viability and how big this can get.

We are investing at the earliest stage, so we are making a bet on a person.

We found -- we thought the founder was spectacular and had a great vision.

We invested as a bigger -- baby company.

Are you still in?

No, they exited, and had a spectacular exit for us.

I think it'll be cool stuff happening.

Ben lerer, founder of

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