Inside Maxim Magazine's $1M Super Bowl Party

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) –- Talent Resources’ David Spencer and Mike Heller discuss the big bucks behind Super Bowl bashes with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This does not sound like a very difficult job.

What was the most difficult thing so far?

I would say coordinating all the moving parts.

The sponsorship side of it where we are dealing with all the different brands that want to have visibility during the super bowl.

Give me an example?

Wonderful pistachio, heavenly resorts.

About a year ago we scouted out the location, and it turns out that we picked the right place because we are right in the mix between the nfl experience and where some of the other events that the nfl is putting on our going on.

We arrived in the middle, and we're to make sure that the size of the space will accommodate.

How many do you expect?

14,000, and that is -- 14,000 square feet for 1000 people, and that is a downsize from before.

It was a real process come from sponsorships -- process, from sponsorships to talent.

A seven-time grammy nominee, his performance was amazing, so we are really excited about him.

Petrone is -- coming in.

What kind of a budget?

Over a million dollars -- over $1 million.

To accommodate all of the media, we had to bring in generators, build a gigantic head, get permits -- where is this going to be held?

An amazing event space on 42nd street between 11th and 12th.

The only question that one of our producers wants to know about is can you give us an idea of some of the fashion models that may or may not be showing up this time?

I can tell you that there are some that are rumored to come from the torilla secret girls to sports illustrated -- vic torilla -- victoria secret girls to sports illustrated.

I know that we had candace let's tear -- last year.

Is that, and the music performers, is that the drop?


we like to create a mixture of athletes, celebrities, musicians, models.

I am caphappy to have kendrick lamarck.

We are looking to keep it between a young hollywood mix with new up-and-coming performers, and obviously all of the beautiful maxim girls.

It is the athletes and the entertainers.

And makes me think that you're trying to create your own stage.

When do do you start -- when do you start building this thing physically?

About 36 hours before hand.

We start tonight at 9:00 p.m.," till about four a.m. or 5 a.m. on sunday morning.

You have to make up an excellent pay attention to the game, so that is a good time -- wake up and pay attention to the game, so that is a good time.

Who do you pick?

Peyton manning, he has the experience, i think the scale with it to him -- would get to him.

-- tip to him.

I follow him.

You're expecting 1000 people?

We are expecting more, we have had to turn people down, we're expecting more to show up, but only 1000 people will get in.

What kind of electronics are going through this?

People can watch.

You can watch anything on your screens.

You're talking about over $100,000 a loan that has been spent on sound and lighting -- alone that has been spent on sound and lighting.

We have also brought in generators because he cannot -- the space cannot handle all of the production aspects we have brought in.

Where will you be on sunday?

I might try to get to the game this year.

Well done.

? one of the things we wanted to talk about was that it is new york city centric themes.

We created refuge at walls -- graffiti walls, it is going to be the city streets, and we wanted to keep the best of the best of new york city.

It is a celebration of new york and new jersey, and the metlife stadium.

Obviously, you're going to be enjoying all of this, but on sunday, half past does everybody knock all of this down?

I know they want to get out of town as soon as the game is over.

We have a strike down of about 10 hours.

It takes you three days to set up?

We have to get out quick.

You have the talent.

Thank you for joining us.

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