Behind the 'Thud Factor' of Elle's Kate Upton Issue

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin O’Malley, publisher of Elle Magazine, discusses the September issue. He speaks on Bloomberg Telelvision’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It is the biggest single issue that the company has ever published.

With us is the man behind all pages, kevin o'malley.

Let us start with this book.

When i am getting a manicure i love it, i do not like it in my handbag.

Why the bible?

Collects thank you for actually bringing to life what we call the sudden factor.

In the september issues you want that factor.

In terms of consumers you don't want to do that, you just want to get our digital edition however tablet you wanted.

-- on whatever tablet.

That is the untold story of what is happening in our industry, specifically with the magazine.

Our core are the -- our core audience is millennial.

They are using and going to mobile devices more and more often.

That could be a big part of it.

What happens with advertisers.

Obviously selling at pages is so important to you.

What happens when your subscribers are going digital?

Number one, they automatically get a clue did in our digital edition.

They get the additional exposure there.

Here is something that is not talked about in our industry that we are so excited about it we are in a trans more of it era.

-- transformative area.

What the impact of that is is our consumer franchises growing.

If you navigate what we do on e, it is equivalent to our 6 million readers here.

It is an unduplicated audience.

That is fantastic for them and great for us.

We are growing our franchises.

What percentage of the revenue comes from the september issue?

About 17% in this one issue alone.

The next big issue is march.

March and september are the big spring and fall issues.

They are anchored with the respective halves.

The fourth quarter overall, september all the way in, november, december.

You have to understand from a retailer perspective, why is this so important to them.

This kicks off the fall -- it cap struck it three at exactly.

I had to get flat fall.

It kicks off the also live a -- the fall holiday season.

When we think about autumn line, it costs a lot of money to put out the pages and photograph these beautiful woman.

When you talk about the factor, who is it important to?

Is it to you -- do you have 648 pages?

Does the consumer care who got a bigger book?

Clocks i do not think they do.

I think with the consumer is focused on, especially what they consider to be their fall fashion bible, what they really want is to make sure that there is a strong valuable relationship in here.

They want to have this as a goto resource and not just for that particular month.

This really becomes a resource and a coffee-table.

About glamour and desire, where do you save money and cut costs?

It is neither glamorous nor sexy.

If there's one thing we're doing on the river basis it is investing.

Interesting headline, the largest issue in our history.

Here are something that is not part of that headline.

It is the largest single revenue month since we launched in 1996. you say the consumer doesn't care how big it is versus vogue, bubba would you do you go -- but what would you do?

Collects i think we were talking about this.

Stephanie had a couple of comments about elle magazine and the other magazines she reads.

The way to compare it is taken away from the side factor in how thick it is.

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