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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Shane Graber, vice president and brand managing director at Grey Goose, discusses the vodka business with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

All of america.

I think i do have the best job in all of america.

How long have you been with the company?

Five years now.

Before that?

Also in the industry, also working for some other stellar brands.

Ok, you can say you have got gin and run in your background.

What does a brand manager do for a problem like -- a project like grey goose?

We try to connect our brand and our messages with our consumer.

And you try to make them feel that your product is, obviously, different from someone else's product.

This story, so that they can differentiate your brand from other brands in the marketplace.

What is this new ad campaign about?

What is it trying to accomplish?

What's it is called "fly beyond." those two words really capture our point of view and also that of our creator, francois, and it is about the passionate pursuit of the extraordinary and that drive for excellence in all that we do.

Now, what about the ingredients that go into grey goose?

It is from winter wheat from picardy, which is in northern france?

Very good.

Most do not know this story, that there was a guy who was the creator, , champagne filtered limestone, water in the cognac region of france, which was really unheard of.

He was a master.

To create this in france was against the grain.

Of vodka can be made from a lot of different things, right?

You can make vodka from potatoes , almost any kind of grain, too.

In order to make the best vodka, we choose to use that french soft winter wheat, which is really what francois was after.

Being privately held, we are in the luxury of not sharing the luxury -- the information about our sales, but the consumer can tell with every sip, and using that french winter wheat actually makes a big difference in the process.

If you look at what consumers are looking for today, they are looking for luxury cocktails.

They are looking for high- quality spirits, and that is what they are finding with a brand like grey goose, which is why we are telling the story of france walk -- francois thi bault.

What about the changes over the course of the last couple of years?

It certainly costs more to use the french soft winter wheat that we use, to have a person like francois managing the process and the crafting that takes place with grey goose, bringing that down to the cognac region of france, using the world's best water, to make sure you create the vodka.

And the flavor in broncos, that seems to be a popular trend also.

There is a lot of action around flavors in vodka, but grey goose is an original, and it defines the superpremium.

How do you measure superpremium?

Is it by price?

It is by price and buy credentials, and it is a craddick lori that -- it is a category that grey goose and francois created.

It would cost about $30 for a 7 50 ml bottle in the u.s. that is considered superpremium?

Luxury level?

And have you seen any changes of who is ordering vodka?

You have to look at demographics, men, women, so on.

Vodka is the most popular spirit in the u.s., so it is a very democratic category, if you will, but consumers are looking to understand the back story of their brand, especially in luxury vodka brands.

What makes grey goose the best

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