Beer Shows Its Feminine Side to Find New Customers

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Clementine Fletcher examines beer makers moving to flavored drinks and new products to expand its female customer base. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move."

For more on the changing tastes in beer consumption, let's bring in our drinks reporter, clementine fletcher.

Great to have you on the program.

Do we drink less beer than we used to?

I think we are seeing a shift in demographics.

This is driven by consumer goods companies.

Talk about heineken, bud light, suddenly the other guys are coming in.

Idageo wit -- diageo coming in with a huge amount of innovation.

People are looking for something new.

If you look across the whole consumer specter, we are used to having something new.

Why should that not apply to drinks?

We are always looking after different experiences.

What they are doing now, they want to go after more of the women drinkers.

Our our tastes very different?

Women skew to a slightly sweeter taste.

That is a generally changing taste profile around the world.

Chinese consumers have a sweeter taste profile anyway.

Men are starting to drink sweeter drinks, which is why, as we were talking about earlier, it may be more successful.

But we are cautious about just pitching to women.

If someone comes out in his, hey, you are a woman, you should drink this drink, it is patronizing.

You want to make your choice is not based on what they are telling you, but what you think.

Talk to me a little bit -- it is basically a beer that is sweetened with fruit juice or lemon juice, like a shanty that you get in the uk.

Anything else?

There is a beer with a tequila flavor.

Desperado has been around for a well.

A beer with a tiny bit at gila at it.

Something that fits well in the taste profile.

Slightly sweeter, but resonates well with people who like corona.

People like that citrus element to their beer.

All sorts of brewers and consumers are looking at beers that have different tastes.

Lots of strawberry beers coming out.

Everyone is looking for the next best thing.


Is that something you cover?

There is a shift.

We talk about diet or dietary requirements.

Are the brewers catching on?

If you look at europe, gluten-free is not something we have been particularly concerned about.

In america it is a really big deal.

One of the selling points they are talking about, the cider producers,b heineken has strongow in the u.s. -- strongbow in the u.s. it is gluten-free.

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