Geopolitical Risk Hits the Beer Market

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports earnings for Carlsberg and Heineken and the challenges facing the beer industry. He speaks to Mark Barton and Manus Cranny on “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Filter those numbers.

What does beer tell us about the mobile economy?

-- global economy?

It tells us they are drinking less of it in russia.

We saw this about a month ago with adidas.

We have hard numbers from carlsberg.

Russia's biggest brewer in terms of overall william.

We won't say that about quality.

We wouldn't get into that.

They have had to cut down their operating profit.

They said they would have high single digits.

Now in the low single minutes -- digits.

Their market share is also down in russia.

Contrast that with heineken, which saw their sales flat.

I will give you the number here.

Consolidated revenue was $9.27 billion.

They said it was being helped by growth in asia and africa as well as the middle east.

1.4 5 billion euros -- versus 1.33 last year.

Heineken sees some strength in western europe.

Some good numbers in emerging markets.

Carlsbad -- carslberg relies too much on russia and there is in effect.

What about the world cup?

The national team made the semi finals.

Now manages -- the manager now manages my team favorite books let's turn this into a hit on manchester united.

We can talk about the one thing you are more passionate about then beer.

That is football.

When heineken released their numbers, they talked about the strength from the world cup.

Also, the weather.

Here is one thing i did not understand.

They said sales were higher because easter fell later in the year.

Does that mean people were serving beer with their easter ham?

It probably means -- has to do with a longer weekend.

You want a late easter if you are a beer company.

Bank holiday here in the u.k.

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