Beats Music May Take Market From Spotify: Bean

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Brittney Bean, CEO of Songdrop, discuses the new streaming media service Beats Music and whether ‘ludicrously overpriced’ headphones can translate into a successful site. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

People will point to the streaming business for that trend.


cool headphones.

Lame idea?

Just a basic interpretation of the idea.

I don't know if you have seen the app itself, but it is a very basic streaming player.

There are some new things in there that allow you -- it is like a mad lib for music.

You put in like, i'm going to barbecue, i like to listen to old school funk, and it spits out the music at you.

That is all fine, but i think the bigger problem there is the have a whole lot of money, i think around 60 million as a last count, and the best they have been able to pop out is sort of human duration with a tiny bit of a group make on the back and then no one talks about.

I think a lot of people were hoping for a lot more.

A lot of people in digital music helping for more.

At that is not to say it is not going to end up being the winner in this whole game.

That is the thing.

You have loads of kids running around with these overpriced headphones that are that good.

All you to do is tie up a bit of a cheaper market their and it is sold.

Plus that at&t tie up.

You're talking about it with a family plan.

You start to see that begin to penetrate the market.

The last i heard, they bought more than one super bowl ad.

They're dumping cash into advertising and marketing.

You can let someone like spotify come in first, get everyone warm on the idea, make sure no one is too stressed out about it, then you can come in and actually deliver the product that takes the majority of the market.

I would clarify 50% of the market is the premium and and some out there think they are good and it had strong reviews.

You call the idea lame, but you do think this is the spotify killer.

I'm not sure about that, but i think it is a good chance of taking the majority of market share of the traditional streams catalog, unlike something we do a song drop, which is to pull music in from three sources all across the internet, not just paper catalogs.

People who buy those like music.

If you're going to pay that much money -- you at some point have to think they sound ok.

Let's start with the premise that you generally are a music fan.

Why would i go to the service?

If i'm that much of a music fan, there are viral services and other services out there that may offer me more of what i want.

Talk to me about what else is happening in the place.

I think there are many companies that are looking to get into the discovery space, which is a place where we sort of sit as well like scheffler fm and companies looking to integrate live into better job of that, like storm creek -- song kick.

There is the kind of sort of genre of people just sort of uploading their own music like band camp.

The trends there are that it is more disparate and not necessarily just -- the game isn't only streaming.

There's much more available out there and many more places to look.

Financially, it is games streaming?

No, there's more money to be made.

You can buy merchandise through spotify.

It is tickets.

It is looking at new revenue streams.

For us, are interested in app purchasing and the deming model which is a consumables and being able to use that model of payment within music to create written new revenue streams.

I want to bring it back to the core issue.

What is going to get subscribers to actually pay for this service?

Is it going to be exclusive say dr.

Dre drops an alum exclusively to, beatz, what is the best strategy?

I think tieups will be what it is.

I think that what is been a successful model in japan, tying up artist with different companies and i think especially if you look at what is happening with net neutrality in the u.s., you can see people will get tied to certain services all stop one thing that would be interesting is you allow kids to start using beatz early on a family plan.

They will build up a play list, following people, they get bought into a service.

They don't want to leave and have to start over.

Similar to apple.


On that note, we will leave it.

Ceo and cofounder of song drop.

We're going to take a break.

Before we do that, we want to deal with today's number.

$4000 for the average listing price of last night nfl super bowl tickets.

Prices have risen around 60% that are expected to fall before the february 2 in between seattle and denver.

The average price of a ticket last year is just under $2200.

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