Bayer Proposes a Deal for Merck’s Consumer Business

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April 30 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Industries’ Sam Fazeli reports on Bayer competing with Reckitt’s all cash bid for Merck’s consumer business and what Bayer can offer that would secure the deal. He speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Industry pharmaceutical analyst.

What does bayer need to do to win this deal for merck's consumer business?

Good morning.

Whether it is an issue of what bayer needs to do, it is cash in terms of who is offering the best.

What they can do is bid for the business and try to outbid bayer in terms of a catch bid.

What bayer can do, they have an animal health unit.

It is some critical mass in terms of revenues.

They could offer that to merck and joined up as a joint venture if merck were to take it out right, the combined entity would be the biggest animal health industry that there is in terms of sales.

At would allow them to potentially leverage that and get a value for shareholders.

Another company that we are watching.

They are said to be considering a sale.

What do we know?

Not a lot, to be honest.

It is difficult to see if you look at the size of our jan -- allergan.

Some of them have talked about it being a major merger.

It does not fit what they were speaking about yesterday in the analyst discussions.

What we have been hearing as a rumor is that potentially sanofi is looking to get some of its assets out of the is this.

To sell what we call established products.

Thank you very much for joining us.

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