Battleground Texas: Reshaping Lone-Star Politics

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Jeremy Bird, senior adviser at Battleground Texas, talks with Betty Liu about Texas politics, how demographic shifts are changing the important issues and what he sees as dwindling Republican influence in the state. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Your efforts and how you are trying to turn texas from red to at least purple.

Any hope you can do that in this miss -- midterm election?


Down here in texas right now, we have tens of thousands of volunteers when getting the state, registered voters, bringing those already registered.

At the top of the ticket, we have two fantastic candidates running for governor and lieutenant governor.

A whole slate of candidates across the top of the ticket.

We're feeling good about where we are a year out from battleground texas getting off the ground.

Qwest here is the republican response there and i know you are familiar with what is going on with republicans.

Rick perry said a week ago, national democrats in texas is the new battleground.

Let us be real clear.

Texas will be there political burial ground.

When we first got here, they dismissed us.

I just had a republican convention in texas here last weekend.

What you heard from speaker after speaker, dan patrick or greg, or ted cruz, talking about battleground texas.

What they do not understand is it is our 18,000 plus volunteers on the ground.

That is who we are and those are the they should be scared of.

Class now in contention for the lieutenant governor convention.

He ran on a hardline immigration stance.

He trounced his opponent based on the hardline.

Class in the republican primary.

That is a big problem for them.

He is a huge problem.

They have been saying for a year, we are moderating our position.

We recognize the democratic shifts in texas.

We will have a much more moderate dance on that.

They let somebody who says that immigrants coming into texas are in third world diseases.

This is a guy out of step with any policy that would take a huge step backward by nominating dan patrick.

And what you saw, more of this hardline to the right and just not representative of all of texas.

With the immigration platform that went backwards, they call for a harder stance on that, in line with dan patrick.

How do you know?

The fact that he is -- he has so decisively beat his opponent, means there is still a large portion of the population.

I know you are saying it is just among the republicans, but it seems like that position speaks strongly to the populace.

It is very entrenched in texas.

It spoke strongly to a faction of the republican party in the primary.

When you get around texas and you talk to moderate voters, when you talk to business friendly republicans, when you talk to independent voters and when you talk to democrats, what dan patrick is saying and greg abbott is saying does not speak to all texans.

It speaks to a small set of insiders and space to political donors, but it does not speak for all texans.

One thing you have seen more prevalent than anything, both of those guys cut 5.4 billion dollars in education funding in texas and that is out of step with all texans.

Is this immigration stance by the republicans, is that enough to turn around and get democrats out to vote?

Are there enough democrats in texas passionate about immigration to get them out to vote?

There are enough democrats in texas that today, we have a better turnout.

This state would be purple if not trending toward blue.

There are many folks who are not registered and many folks who are registered and not turning out.

We have to make sure we see those stances on education.

Use that to motivate them to get out to vote.

If we can get those folks to turn out to vote, the state will be fundamentally different in outlook.

Thank you so much for joining us.

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