Smartwatches: Are They the Future or Just a Fad?

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Greg Harper, president of Harpervision Associates, discusses smartwatch technology. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Apple stock has been shining as of late with carl icahn taking a big position and reporting new products.

Samsung and sony both said to the unveiling of new devices just days before apple.

Samsung will have a wrist watch like product powered by the android and other sphrt phones and the tech giant racing them to create a new industry of wearable devices.

We have greg harper.

A major tech collector and one of the first persons who tries out new technologies and gives feedback.

Nick thompson back with us as well.

Greg, are you excited about the new samsung galaxy gather?


I have been wearing the pebble watch.

It is nice because it is made by pebble a kick starter program that got to the first $10 million kick starter program.

If i get a phone call the number will appear and message.

I can't do anything about it, just look at it.

I can see what the message is.

That is a first generation.

If you look back, this is the first generation.

This is what m.s.n. came out with and abandoned it.

It was a watch that received weather alerts, clunky, didn't last very long on battery.

Chinese had these monsters.

These are phones, windows phones that you have to call with a headset and they are clunky.

They are out now.

But now there is a new generation.

This is the sony.

This is the sony watch.

This is the pebble.

Sony does what?

It is very nice because it ties to my phone so it tells you the time and it also will -- you can swipe it and see different applications and control the music player, read messages on it.

Is that the closest thing to what we might see from samsung?

It will be a combination.

It will be the pebble form factor, nice form factor and have functionality of the sony and some calling features the chinese knockoffs.

Nick, do you think people want wearable smart phones?

They clearly do.

People love there.

They love having this stuff on their wrist.

I don't know who will win.

It is amazing they are all coming out at the same time.

It will be pure competition.

Hard thing for samsung to do.

Apple's theatre is a little less good but we will see.

But you can see from greg's watches they are getting better.

The early ones looked like construction scheme devices.

Later ones are things you might wear.

We have reached the point where you could wear one without feeling awful.

I have a brightening watch and much comments on this.

This is a $200 watch.

I'm wearing the nike and this one is a blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor.

This just came out.

I agree that the whole notion of wearables.

People with getting into fitness and they want to see their activity.

Combine it with real design and applications and that is where samsung can do something.

If they tie it with the smart features on the phone so you know, put the watch up and it will turn itself on.

I don't know if we will see the flexible display but at c.e.s. they showed an amazing flexible display.

Greg, you are showing me this and saying that is the way of the future.

Then on september 10 we will get apple out with their latest iphone.

Are they a little late to the game?

I think samsung is pushing to try to get there.

They are tired of being called the copycat so they want to say we have innovation.

We are in this battle with steve jobs, that is past.

What about the new iphone?

It is now a catch-up.

They have a lot of capability with metotorola with authentication and battery life and samsung.

There are a lot of phones that are really point superior to the iphone today so they have to step up.

Competition in phones is barring, competition in watches is exciting.

The new trend.

My nephew just showed me his galaxy s-4 and it looks like the screen is

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