Bats Merges With Direct Edge as Volume Shrinks

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bats Global Markets and Direct Edge Holdings agreed to merge, uniting two of the biggest American exchange operators amid a four-year decline in volume. Julie Hyman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

From worldwide concerns back to the markets.

Global markets and direct edge -- that's global markets and direct ads are joining forces.

It was the combined company going to look like?

It will be the second largest exchange operator here in the u.s. between baths and direct edge, which are now no.

3 and no.

4. the.

Bats will be -- the ceo of bats will be c l of the combined companies.

Volume has been going down by a 36% from 2009-2013. this is an attempt to cut costs down.

Where does this leave the new york stock exchange and nasdaq?

The nyse will still hold the top spot, or about 23% of overall stock trading volume in the u.s. the two companies will be bumped up to number two, with about a 21% market share.

And the nasdaq omx will become no.

3 with 18%. and some analysts are saying that because of the nasdaq trading glitch last week my this is a good timing for the merger to happen, so some can perhaps take advantage of a little bit of faltering on the part of nasdaq.

One piece is that that's tried to have an ipo and did not succeed.

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