Barry Diller: No Plan B if Aereo Loses Court Fight

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Erik Schatzker previews his interview with IAC/Interactive Chairman Barry Diller on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What does diller say about the case?

You can talk about odds.

The odds of winning or losing are no better than 50-50. what is unknowable right now is which way it is going to go.

The thing is this.

It is almost certain to be a black or white decision.

Yes or no.

I asked he covers it is black or white, does that mean it is life or death?

Here's what he said.

I believe so.

If you lose -- we are finished.

There is nothing you can sell this?

-- you can salvage.

Aereo -- it would probably -- i cannot see a path for.

It would probably not be able to continue in business.

You have a platform.

You would be ruled a multi-programming distributor.

You would be like a cable company.

Could you not compete for content with cable companies?

If we could make a deal with broadcasters, we probably could.

The value proposition would go out of the game.

Aereo is a low-cost method of receiving over the air broadcasting.

That is the platform.

That was his worst case scenario.

I was surprised he said that.

When you talk to the ceo of aereo, he says he is not even thinking about failure.

We do not have a plan b. he believes we are going to be successful.

Neither does barry diller.

He knows if they are not successful, it is over.

The thing about aereo, it is a low-cost alternative to the cable or satellite or files tight solution.

He views all of those things as closed systems.

He sees the internet as an open system.

Aereo takes advantage of the open system.

That raises interesting questions like -- what happens if they win?

What if it is ruled legal?

First of all, they will spend a lot of money.

Aereo is available to a limited number of u.s. customers.

He believes the addressable market is approximately a third of the people who pay for programming, mostly young people.

He does not think he can get one third of the addressable market, but by spending an excess of $100 million, he will be a will to get to the young people and they will have a choice.

Then he decides what happens when aereo grows up.

Or, what happens if fox or cbs lives up to the threat and turns of their channels into cable?

He says, go ahead and try it.

I would love to see it.

He likes a fight.

You can catch more of the interview at 11:00 a.m. on "market makers." hong kong billionaire lawrence ho, who plans to hire 8000 people to work in his new casino in macau.

He will start hiring by the end

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