Barra: Recalls Show GM Is Serious on Safety

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- GM Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra faced intensive questioning from a House subcommittee over the slow recall of defective ignition switches, with lawmakers cutting off her answers and asking whether she can truly change the company’s culture. Matt Miller reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What do you make of her statement today and her testimony earlier?

I think she did a heck of a lot of a better job than she did last time.

She is a very different ceo now than she was at the last set of hearings.

She has clearly grown.

Her self-confidence is back.

She seemed very lawyered up at the first one and seemed to be giving very coached answers.

Now she is expressing strong and honest statements that obviously comes straight from her, from the heart.

On the other hand, i think that this was not quite being great panel that she faced last time.

It was not an aggressive panel of congressman that she faced last time.

They were a lot more forgiving and a lot more patient in getting answers from her.

And of course, she shared the panel with anton belugas.

He took a lot of the pressure off of her.

This time, a lot of people had questions for him as well.

He ran the internal investigation, hired by g.m.. his law firm was to look into a very narrow scope, but nonetheless, the ignition switch trouble.

The ignition switch issue that everyone is so focused on was only 2.5 million cars that they recalled in february.

They have recalled 20 million cars so far this year.

A lot of them were related ignition switch issues, but there were other accidents, other injuries, and possibly other fatalities related to this aside from just the 13 we hear g.m. talking about.

And as far as the evidence that they knew about this internally for more than a decade, right?


They knew about this for more than an decade.

A lot of the victims suspected something.

There have been lawsuits for a long time.

There were e-mails shared by brett upton from michigan today that showed employees in 2005 were saying, hey, i was just arriving this car as a g.m. employee and it just shut off as i was doing 45 down the road.

I would hate to see what would happen if i were a parent with kids in the backseat on a highway doing 70. that was kind of shut up.

This employee was squelched.

And if you look at the bloomberg businessweek cover story, you will see that was part of the culture and general motors.

That is something that -- that mary barra needs to attack.

Matt miller in washington, thanks so much for that update.

And in an effort to unveil its

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