Barnes & Noble Confirms It Received G Asset Offer

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Julie Hyman reports on G Asset Management's interest in buying 51 percent of Barnes & Noble shares according to a report. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

To acquire a controlling interest in the company from a company called g asset management, a private investment management firm.

They want to acquire 51% of barnes & noble, and offer that would value the company at 22 dollars per share, which would be about a three percent premium.

G asset management also said that if you do not like that offer, we would also acquire 51% of the nooks segment.

Valuing that at five dollars a share alone, and this g asset management said it is confident if you separated nook for the rest of the business, they can recognize the business value.

G asset management senate made an offer back in november -- said it made an offer back in november.

We will continue to make -- look for more information on this, and at any reception from the company.

Thank you.

Obviously, the nook business has been struggling, barnes & noble could not succeed where amazon did with the kindle.

What makes the nook this is different -- business different?

The physical retail presence.

It allows customers to pick it up and try it out.

The potential acquirer says they do not see a lot of synergies with the old business, and they want to separate it.

Arts and noble shares are up on this news.

How are the shares of nook doing?

Of course, we do not know, because amazon is not a number that rings out such numbers.

All of the indicators it is doing quite well.

There are lots of self published authors out there that say they are doing really well so publishing their books on amazon.

Those books are primarily consumed on the readers.

We will continue to follow this, barnes & noble shares are

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