Barbie Swimsuit `Unapologetic' Campaign Under-Fire

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Olivia Sterns reports on the controversy surrounding Mattel's Barbie appearing in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. (Source: Bloomberg)

The caption, "the doll that started it all." them up it is not the cover of the new sports illustrated issue is it's? them on the cover will be featuring brazilian booty.

Shibley show the jimmy kimmel reveal last night?

-- should we show the jimmy kimmel reveal last night?

The bigger point here about the barbie story is that this is such a head scratcher.

Why are you advertising a toy for little girls in a magazine?

It is so much better than the barbie cover.

Demo why are you advertising a toy for little girls in an advert that in a magazine for teenage boys?

-- in an magazine for teenage boys?

With a set is barbie has been losing relevancy and she has to compete with ipad, with pop music.

Girls idolize katy perry.

That is what resonates.

They think mattel has made a smart strategic decision to reposition barbie as a fashion icon and pop-culture brand.

Let's see what sally had to say.

Sallie krawcheck on barbie's unapologetic campaign.

It's awful, right?

I don't even know what to say.

I remember looking at my barbie and looking at my mother and looking back at my barbie and saying, what's wrong with her?

I was five or six.

It is a terrible message.

I can remember as i put barbie in her corvette thinking my mom cannot fit in this.

This draws the line in the sand if you are -- in the sand.

If you are a bad parent you by your children a barbie.

She used to work -- barbie is already turning mothers off so the mothers are not going to buy it.

That is why you have # unapologetic.

Madonna has a whole song, i'm not sorry.

Whips and chains.

What is she talking about?

This was a deliberate strategy.

Mattel had a meeting.

The number of times #unapologetic has mentioned has surged.

If the goal was to get people talking -- it sells.

I think they are in for a world of trouble.

Rich handler is one of the founders of barbie.

She put out a tweet and said barbie has always represented that a woman has choices.

Barbie throughout the ages don't exactly match up with the barbie we now see.

A lot of brand executives think relatively the new barbie is quite taste full because she is not in a string this -- string bikini.

The creator of barbie -- if you have a daughter which are now not by your daughter is barbie?

, this would not turn me off of buying barbie in any way.

I'm not saying my daughter wants it.

By your daughter a barbie and give her oath sort -- give her both sports illustrated covers.

I'm going to say it is hot.

But i'm not six.

Those are three gorgeous women.

Good for them.

Them up that is true.

Thank you for joining us.

It is valentine's day.

Happy valentine's day.

Let me move on to the bitcoin story.

Silk road, 2.0.

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