Banking on Renewable Energy Through New Fund

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Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Louise Downing reports on a new clean energy fund and investor incentives to be in the sector. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Investors to three different types of renewable energy technology.

So we have funds launched last year that were only fixed in one sector.

With this diversification, it lowers the energy price risk.

There is a lot of skepticism among the people i am talking to over whether or not funds like this will be six and -- a successful when yields start to rise in other parts of the financial sector.

Why should i invest your?

What is so attractive?

They are already operational.

Offering investors long-term, long risk, and stable returns.

Energy is -- energy efficiency helps save customers in energy bills.

The renewable energy industry can offer investors with better yields than government bonds.

But we start to ceo's back up now.

Look at -- we are starting to see yields back up now.

What are the risks?

Presumably that other assets are yielding more.

Because these projects are dependent on government subsidies, if those subsidies change, that can alter the revenue stream.

In terms of the market -- crowded, not crowded?

Getting busier.

Getting busier.

It was kicked off by a green cape last march which are raised about 260 million pounds to invest in wind farms.

The renewable investment became the largest clean energy company -- the largest energy ipo last year, raising about 300 million pounds.

Thank you.

Francine, over to.

For those -- over to you.

For those listening on bloomberg radio, we will be talking about shell profit warnings.

Shares are down 3%. plus, obama response to the nsa spying and a crackdown on warrants and what it means for day-to-day business in the u.s. just a reminder that you can follow us on twitter.

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