Why Ballmer Stepped Down as Microsoft Board Member

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Steve Ballmer, who stepped down as Microsoft’s CEO after failing to prepare the software maker for the era of mobile and cloud-computing, has resigned as director at the company. Trish Regan has more on "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Half-hour of "bottom line." "bottom linei'm mark crumpton.

Steve ballmer, receiving word that he is stepping down from the board of microsoft.

Trish regan, the anger of "street smart" is with me.

You spoke to mr.

Ballmer yesterday.

I actually just got off the phone with him three minutes ago . we will talk about this in a moment, but he did sound as though he had a lot on his plate yesterday.

Just now, as the news came out, he and i spoke, and he said, i want to be a great shareholder and i want to pay appropriate attention to my shares, but between teaching and my new responsibilities at the clippers , and my civic duties, it is a lot.

However, he went on to say, i love microsoft.

He still cares about the company, want to be a great shareholder, but the time commitment involved in being a member of the board is a bit too much given everything else he has going on.

We talked a lot about his leadership at microsoft.

I got his thoughts on current leadership at microsoft.

He alluded to the possibility that he might step down from the board yesterday, so this was not a huge surprise when i saw this cross today.

Let's take a look at what they spoke about yesterday.

When you think about what you will be doing over the next 12, 24 months, you are still on the board of microsoft.

You have this project in front of you.

How would you divide your time between everything?

I retired so i can have a next phase of life.

I am feeling a little stressed right now, actually.

I will have to wrestle that through a little bit.

I have some other things i'm also interested in.

I think of myself as having more time for myself, including more time to study, teach, a class this fall at a business school, or time for sports, golf, all that kind of thing, and on top of that, i want to be a great microsoft shareholder, i want to be a great clippers owner.

I am trying to figure out how to evolve my civic contribution -- my wife and i have been active in particularly child welfare issues, stem issues in the state of washington.

We are asking ourselves what else?

Nothing to say that, but it takes some energy to figure that out.

Do you think you'll stay on the board of microsoft for the foreseeable future?

I'm on the board today and i'm excited to be a board member.

That was 24 hours ago.

So again, steve ballmer leaving his position on the board of microsoft.

You asked him about mr.

Nadella and the layouts any kind of hedged a bit.

He said this is his decision.

I think we have a clip of that as well that we can share.

I want the clippers to be the best that they can be, the best team, best players, character, coaching staff, business.

I want all of that for the clippers.

That just means that we are going to have to be, as i say, hard-core, about being better, tenacious.

Clippers fans are very excited and fired up.

And loyal.

No question.

Clippers fans seem conscious, we chose the clippers.

And is a fun and exciting thing.

Do they feel like you chose them?

I don't know about that, but happy that they can focus back on basketball.

Doc rivers has been a big force, holding this team together in this difficult time.

Will he stay on?

My job is to figure out how we can continue that.

What is your leadership style and how does that apply to this team?

I am enthusiastic and passionate.

I will also ask a lot of questions.

I will not say i micromanage, but i ask a lot of questions.

That is how you push to be better.

All of those things work in a business.

When i joined microsoft, 30 people, a couple million in revenue.

When i left, 100,000, $90 billion in revenue.

Third most profitable company in the world.

I think that worked pretty well.

The other question is, do the same characteristics apply?

Desire to be better, optimism, hindus he is in, fashion.

I think those qualities probably work pretty well but the right thing -- first thing is to get the right people in place.

I am not expert and we need experts in place that can run the various parts of the clippers.

One of the challenges is recruiting players.

Nobody knew what the future of this team was.

Now that you are at the helm, now that there is clarity, who would be your top choice to bring in?

There is no question with stability comes opportunity.

Doc has been clear, having stability in the ownership makes it easier for him to do a lot of things, including recruiting.

You heard him talk a lot about the clippers and his intention on how he will manage the clippers.

He did talk at length about microsoft, the layouts, pinning that on saturday the dollar -- satya nadella.

He is taking the company in a direction that he thinks will make it successful.

I did ask, what about the spinning off of parts of this large company, xbox, for example?

He said, really not in favor of that, my work speaks for that in terms of keeping it together.

So a lot of interesting parts of the interview that we will be sharing with you coming up on "street smart." he is sitting in the front row at these games.

Yes, he said courtside.

I am looking forward to hearing him tear.

See you at the top of the hour, thanks.

Up next, the follow-up from argentina is still being felt.

Details in the latin american report when "bottom line" continues.


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