Ballmer: Microsoft a `Two-Trick Pony’

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March 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer speaking at the Oxford Union Debates, presented in partnership with Bloomberg, about his tenure at Microsoft and what he could have done differently. She speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Caroline hyde with the details on what was a fascinating evening.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

There, on the bottom right.

Bloomberg presents the oxford union debate.

We were there with bloomberg having this relationship with the oxford union and he was fascinating.

This is the first time he was able to speak as the x ceo.

He is still on the board and one of the bigger shareholders but no longer running a. he spoke very eloquently about the concern that he did not have the third arm.

Teaming software with hardware quick enough, he spoke about how companies usually only have one trick.

It keeps on giving.

It is worth billions.

Apple had two tricks and they brought him back and developed a touchscreen.

Microsoft had two tricks as well in now they are looking for the third.

Why did you not do the third trick right?

I will say i did not know if we were too busy or he only knew the tools of the first two tricks.

We have done two and you know what the challenges are now?

They will go for a lot of years but in our industry, you need a third trick.

Microsoft's tricks are the pc and the windows operating system and the second was getting microprocessors into data centers.

Now he is wishing they could have got the software and hardware together quick enough.

In the gym doing weights and he is still just as passionate as ever.

Did he speak about where microsoft needs to head next?

He still has some vested interest.

As a speaker, he is fascinating to watch.

He says he wants to be a good ex-chief executive.

He still has a lot of money in the game.

Technology businesses are like sharks.

You either move forward ambitiously or you become either small, irrelevant, or both.

My greatest joy for microsoft in the long run will see if they achieve even greater heights in the next five or 10 years.

He does not want to see an unwinding of the business.

He vehemently told me that afterwards.

So many analysts, investors, and the media are saying to divided up.

He wanted to be a juggernaut.

He thinks they can invest in areas that would potentially have products.

If you have that data on the searches you can wear devices that will give you reviews on who you are.

I can mock up human the technology would be there to just about guess what your name is.

That is where it is going and where he wants microsoft to go, machine to machine technology.

He is a 40 on the bloomberg billionaires list, the sixth biggest microsoft shareholder.

Does he have any ambitions left?

What is left on his to do list?

Why on earth would i go to a b list company?

He ran the company with 10,000 employees and he has seen them grow at every single stage.

They have made big mistakes.

The wife has said do not choose something for a year.

Give yourself time.

He can take a year off.

He has three or clocked rose use in the world he wants to work on.

Look at the u.s. health-care system.

They spend about 17% of gdp on health.

What can you do with that five percent of u.s. gdp per year?

You can invest it in amazing things.

Health care, education.

None of them are up-to-date.

At davos, some of the debates about which sectors would be disrupted by technology next.

We have seen it having to do with travel and telephony as well.

Many of the commentators there were suggesting that health care and education could be where they are disrupted and you have those with experience bringing that into one of those industries, that could be fascinating.

He says, interestingly, they are not asking to be on his board.

He thought that would happen.

Not so.

It seems to be quite quiet in that respect.

He says he has an appalling golf track record and he might work on that.

It's actually quite sad because he said all he's done his entire life is work.

We've seen the clips of the microsoft internal conferences.

He is big, brash, loud.

He is far more controlled.

Thank you very much,

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