Ballmer Fortune Up $786M on Microsoft Departure

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Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the world’s 44th-richest person, has seen his net worth jump $786 million after announcing his retirement from the world’s largest software maker. Tom Giles reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's bring in bloomberg news editor tom galles.

There was a time when the microsoft guys just got rich.

You got a job there and you had it made.

Those early guys are some of the wealthiest people in the history of mankind.


They have gone on to do amazing things.

Bill gates will be known as much for his philanthropy as he will for cofounding microsoft.

It's an amazing story and it continues to be.

We have not seen the end of that.

There's is great potential for steve ballmer to do great anxiety well.

As you pointed out, while the wealth has not grown at the same pace, he certainly continues to amass wealth.

Remember that microsoft has returned tens of billions of dollars, record levels of cash, to its shareholders one of whom, of course, is steve ballmer.

He says he plans to continue being a holder of microsoft stock.

Bill gates is sort of redefining, with warren buffett, the way to give money back in amounts that massive scale to try to effect big changes in society.

Do you think this is the kind that ballmer and others will replicate as they move into retirement?

It's possible.

We don't have any insight into what he will do.

We have not seen that side of him so much because he has had his hands quite full with microsoft.

It will be interesting to see the kinds of things he ends up doing with his money.

We talk earlier about how he tried to move the kings up to seattle.

We have this video of steve ballmer.

I don't know if you've seen it.

Would it be gratuitous to show this video again?

Is that the kind of thing that i would do you code there it is again.

Look at that.

That looks like how you go up and down the sidelines.

Seattle wants the sonics back.

Steve ballmer could not get the kings.

Who better to pitch?

As paul mentioned, he is a master salesman.

The billionaires club likes to do it and there's pressure to give away a lot more of your wealth and that is something like a great legacy of warren buffett to give away more than half of your wealth so we will see if he signs the billionaires pledge.

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