Ballmer Creating ‘One Love’ at Microsoft: Henry

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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Henry, Dean at NYU, discusses the announced reorganization of Microsoft. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

-- peter henry is with us.

Alan mulally said we are all on the same page or you cannot work at ford motors.

Is that what steve ballmer said yesterday?

That is very much of the theme.

I just came back from jamaica and bob marley, "one love" is the theme of their m.i.t. has promoted a few key executives.

One person you want to keep an eye on is julie larsen green.

She could be the next steve ballmer.

She will be in charge of hardware like the xbox.

And the accessories that go along with it.

It is not just hurt.

Almost every member of steve ballmer paz executive branch will experience the shuffle.

This company has about 100,000 employees, 30 percent more than apple, 20 times the size of facebook.

The distinction is the cash on the balance sheet is one example that has gone from $23 billion t 6o the $3 billion.

This is a successful company.


Why are they reorganizing?

Look at facebook and apple.

Every company has to look at the future.

This industry is going away of consumers wanting an integrated approach -- hardware, software services -- this rather large organization needs to realign itself to be able to provide that kind of delivery.

That will require teamwork and cooperation.

Ceo steve ballmer is setting up microsoft for the future but

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