Why Qunar.com's CEO Went Into the Travel Business

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) –- Qunar.com co-founder and CEO CC Zhuang discusses China’s largest travel website’s IPO. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Commerce platform.

You can think of it as the chinese version of kayak.

The company went public today with one point 4 billion search queries in the first six months of the year.

The company is expected to continue to grow.

For more, we have the head of the company, cc want.

Thanks for doing this.

You and i were just talking and you started programming computers at the age of eight.

Why did you decide to do that?

I just really loved the stuff, i love the programming.

From basic parts, job, all the way up.

You were born in shanghai and have become this child programming prodigy, but you don't go just straight to the site online.

You also built a technology system for the likes of the imf and the world bank.

I graduated from the university as the first employee and ceo of my company.

It was doing really well.

It was a sports portal.

All kind of sports and games.

Just like espn.

The company was eventually acquired for $15 million.

After that, i went to washington, d.c. and more internet projects.

You made money with the online sports portal.

Why would you then take a job with a bilateral organization?

To open the view.

I was born in shanghai.

You see things at a particular level.

When i was at beijing, that i was looking at the country level.

Why should i go to the u.s. or stay in new york or washington, d.c.? i can have a global point of view.

I can switch my view and see something completely different.

You certainly have a global company when it comes to qunar.

What made you decide to go into the travel business?

I know i have been in washington, d.c., but i now want to go back to china and try something completely different.

We did an analysis opportunity with multiple verticals.

We completed a virtual product online and it has been disrupted by the internet many times.

I think we can have good luck in china with a bunch of friends going back and doing this.

At the beginning of qunar, the only thing we knew about travel is that we do fly and we do stay in hotels.

Did you have to build out a salesforce?

How did you make all the agreement?

Obvious the, you don't own all of these travel priorities.

How did you make agreements with them to post their offerings?

From a consumer point of view, we found out there are many travel views on the internet.

I think, we need to build a tool for the consumers to use.

In the beginning, would it not have any contracts with these travel suppliers.

But we built the tools and consumers just loved it.

All of them come to us.

They say, guess what, your traffic is great.

Let me do a marketing deal with you.

It puts them in a more prominent position to make a transaction.

You must have a window onto the taste of the chinese travel consumer, right?


Where to they like to go?

Where are the travel plans that they find more popular?

The middle-class likes to spend more time near the main.

Also, traveling overseas, for example, southeast asia, korea,

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