Baidu’s Chief on Tim Cook vs. Steve Jobs

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg West's Emily Chang sits down for an exclusive interview with Baidu's Robin Li, China's third richest man, about Apple and the leadership style of Tim Cook. (Source: Bloomberg)

You my exclusive conversation with the founder and ceo robin li.

Yesterday we covered bill gates and how he turned down takeover offers from google and yahoo!

In the early days.

Today we talk about apple and whether the iphone maker has been innovating enough in china.

What hasn't apple had to do yet and will it happen?

Both of them are strong companies, strong not only meaning their market position is strong, they have a lot of cash, it also means they are strong- minded.

Apple has their way of doing things and china mobile has their way of doing things.

If they match, they have a partnership.

Tim cook has been to china many times.

What do you think of him?

He is good.

He is reasonable, smart.

He understands the chinese market better than many of the other u.s. internet companies.

How does he compare new steve jobs?

I don't know.

I have never met steve jobs the form.

But from the media, i think he is different.

He has a strong opinion on all kinds of things.

He does not care too much about markets.

Tim cook is more of a typical ceo.

China is a big market.

Apple is losing market share in china.

Why do you think that is?

That also has to do with the

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