Aviation Market in China Is Booming: Solem

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May 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bombardier Commercial Aircraft Vice President of Sales: China and Asia-Pacific Andy Solem discusses their new c-series plane and the aviation industry in Asia with Zeb Eckert on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Good morning.

It is great to have you.

You are in charge of sales for the whole region.

China is a big back your here -- china is a big factor here.

Tell us the progress you are making.

This new jet compete against the boeing 737. we are very excited about our progress.

We have a huge amount of interest.

When announced an order with the chinese leasing company clc.

This is a big set for us here in china.

Use it at the office in china in 2012. in shanghai.

Before we get into the specific nets, what is your overall sense of china here?

Are you encouraged by what you are seeing?

Is this as severe as some have painted out?

A slowdown in china 7.5% growth greeted that is good by anybody's measure except maybe china.

The aviation market is still booming.

You still see high single digits.

In the outskirts in the west in developing regions, it is the height team teens.

It is still spinning up.

The supports regional aviation.

In your ideal world, what airlines are they working for question mark how do you dispense sales?

We have one recent example of a regional airline that is taking off in china.

They party taken nine.

Growing like crazy.

They're doing exactly what the government policy expects them to do, expand regional aviation.

How close or are you two having a customer for the c series?

It is costing your company $4.4 billion to develop.

We are in very deep discussions with many of them.

I cannot comment on specifics.

I will be done by june or july or even later.

I can't say within the next 12 months i expect some progress.

How does this fit into the regional flying of a major chinese airline?

It does not compete directly.

It is a smaller aircraft.

The series is 100 -- 149 seats.

They do not directly compete.

The c-series is almost a mainline narrow by the aircraft.

It has a 3000 nautical mile range.

The major playmakers, a lot of attention focused on the long haul.

The upgraded triple seven.

The a350. you see the sweet spot as this regional market, the type of flying that your jets are designed for.

A whole another market.

It is a sweet spot.

They were optimized for the market.

You cannot give the deficiencies we are going to have.

This has been delayed as about four times a billion dollars over the budget.

That creates a challenge for someone like you to hit the 300 unit sales target.

How are you feeling?

Are you nervous?


we have a target of 300 firm orders.

This is the second half of 2015. we are well on our way.

We have 447 commitments.

We think we're going to hit this target.

Any customers concerned about the performance?

They want to see more flight testas before they make the decision?

You want to say you're going to have the product you will have your they are looking very closely.

We have almost daily contact with the performance status.

So far, everything looks good.

. but elsewhere.

You have details all around.

What is the opportunity for the see rj -- crj?

In china we have some good customers building.

I believe this is going to happen.

It was a high growth rate.

The dep is hitting that curve.

There is going to be some very aggressive forecasts.

Do you think you're going to exercise options on the aircraft?

I cannot comment exactly a commercial discussions.

We will ease get you to try.

This will be the carrier.


Is there the experience for this type of aircraft in the region?

Where'd you see the opportunity?

They have this operating throughout the region.

We expect reorders.

We have launched our new extended capacity version, 86 seats.

It was a big hit.

I have a huge sales pipeline of the higher density versions.

A lot of interest.

It is an economical machine.

A nice ride, quiet.

Anything in smaller airports?

Let's take a step back.

You work for a major global company.

The world's third because lame maker.

You are in charge of sales.

As you look across the region, what are the brightest spots?

What surprises you?

What concerns you?

For us, the surprising thing is the strength of the unmet demand for regional aircraft.

The population is growing.

The economies are growing.

They're hitting outside of australia and japan which are more mature.

They're hitting the in the curve were the general population starts flying more because they have the money to do it.

The infrastructure is not all there yet.

At the end of next year, it tasted the sky?

-- it takes to the sky?

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