Amazon Not Playing Fair, Punishing Authors: Shapiro

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Susan Shapiro, author of "The Bosnia List," discusses Amazon's e-book pricing battle with Hachette. She speaks with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

What is the purpose of authors united?

What is the goal?

Amazon made a big mistake and it is not fair to any of us and every author and editor and agent i know in the entire country pretty much as upset about this.

It is not playing fair and we want amazon to play fair.

Click you sadist because they're not offering books that are published by hachette at a time and place that customers went month them?


It is like if you had a fight with a business associate, you would not let their children go to school.

This is punishing editors and agents.

There aren't a lot of better subjects to use.

As far as your signing, you're not published by hachette , your published by penguin.

Why join this fight on behalf of hachette?

A lot of authors i know we want to stay united.

Hachette is the first step.

This will happen with other publishers.

Many publishers said that we would stand united.

Our books should not he held hostage.

What is so bizarre is that jeff bezos come he went to princeton.

His wife is a novelist.

He loves books.

We want him to play fair.

In the situation regarding hachette, why wouldn't they reach into their pocket and lower the price of the books for amazon and make up the difference of the authors?

It was an unfair negotiation tactics.

You don't make a thread and then make good on the threat and punish a thousand authors.

Amazon did a very extreme, nasty, angry, down and dirty tactic.

We want to go on amazon.

You go to amazon and see if your ratings are that are.

We love getting our books in 24 hours.

We need to be working together.

What about the difference between e-book and an actual physical book?

Like that is where the problems started.

This would be worth 2690 five.

Those are the royalties.

Everything was being divided.

All of a sudden, e-books came around.

Some people are getting in at the same moment.

Really, the profits and publishing have been shrinking.

It is a disaster for everyone.

Bezos just a committed that they have 800 million losses.

Hachette laid-off people.

The book business is not in a good place.

This is not the way to go.

If there is no resolution between amazon and hachette, what do you think the next step is?

I am praying there is a resolution.

I have been doing a book tour on a book that i had written with my muslim physical therapist.

During the arab israeli war, people are like muslim, jew.

The story of healing, how does it work?

A understand and acknowledge each other's pain.

They heard both sides.

I feel like that is what has to be done.

Amazon is not doing well.

100 million losses each turn.

They will no longer buy books.

I feel that there has to be a knowledge meant.

Everyone can say that they are sorry.

This is an unnecessary fight, we cannot fight amongst ourselves.

We want to thank you very much for spending time with me.

They did reach out for comments on this story.

I will talk to the chief executive officer of at-home who

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