Amazon Pay Plan Won't Work: Author Steve Berry

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Best-selling author Steve Berry comments on the Amazon-Hachette dispute. He speaks with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

E-books, great.

It gives steve berry all of the money you make someone.

Good, that?

It makes no sense.

Most of the writers at hachette are advanced writers.

They are paid in advance.

The publisher risks.

How do they pay it back?

From the sale of books.

If hachette was to take that offer and say, we will give all the proceeds to the authors, they already paid those authors.

That money along to -- belongs to hachette.

Amazon knows that.

That is why this is almost a ridiculous offer.

There is no way in the world hachette whatever take it.

If they did take it, all they would do is believed hachette -- bleed hachette even faster.

It was just a publicity stunt, one of those things.

Those of us in the business looking at that offer, it's ridiculous.

Tell us about the business.

We are going to connect with what amazon is proposing.

You are in new york for what?

We are here for thriller fest.

We gather the thriller community once a year.

We have 2600 members over here.

As is certainly a subject of conversation.

How many people are able to reach the level of success that you have had?

I would say that i'm probably in that 1%. there is no question.

I started at 0%. i built it up over 13 years.

I'm at that level.

All writers have their own levels of success.

Everyone wants to move up the ladder.

We all strive for that.

That nurturing of the talent over 13 years and the relationships -- is that something that amazon either doesn't care about, thinks that they can drive a wedge between, or is there any sincerity?

I don't want to put any negative ill will to amazon or two hachette.

I don't really take a position with either one of those people.

I actually stand for the writer.

You guys are going to be used as a ball.

You have two multibillion-dollar international corporation's fighting over writers' money.

If we didn't produce the product, they wouldn't have anything to sell.

What about writers taking a greater degree of control?

We should.

It is more difficult for us though.

We work solitary.

We don't have a union.

Each one is an individual deal.

We try to do what we can.

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