Australian Wildfires Force State of Emergency

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "First Look," Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu highlights the photos illustrating headlines from around the world. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

About immigration reform.

He is upset that that has gone to the back earner because of the budget battle.

He will be on with me a little bit later.

Betty liu on the mcdonald's watch.

Almost like fedex.

Like a proxy -- a barometer.

A behemoth.

Let's do some photos that are in the news.

David herro, feel free to weigh in.

Australia -- a state of emergency.

Exhausted firefighters from australia in the shot taking a break during the back burning operations being carried out across australia.

66 fires continue to burn.

There is a state of emergency around the area of sydney.

Already 200 and 50,000 -- 250,000 acres of land.

And this is the most populous state of australia as well.

By the way, there is a statistic, 85% or 90% of the people in australia live within a couple miles of the coast.

It is a very barren interior.

A lot of iron ore and coal mining.

Do you still like it as an investment question mark -- these still like it as an investment?

One of our -- of our top 10 holdings is an australian company.

Their pension money goes into assets, very different than social security, pay-as-you-go.

Maybe that is a model.

And very big on the european stocks as well.

And jpmorgan as well.

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