Australia Probes Objects in Malaysia Air Search

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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Zeb Eckert reports that Australia is investigating two objects found in the southern Indian Ocean as the search continues for the missing Malaysian Air jet on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

Malaysian airlines aircraft.

This is the southern indian ocean we are talking about.

The area identified by the australian prime minister today is 2500 kilometers away from perth, a very remote area at very deep depths with very rough seas.

We have aircraft on the way as well as ships headed to that direction representing the u.s., australia and new zealand.

Trying to figure out whether these two object picked up by satellites may be linked to that aircraft.

The maritime agency in australia today holding a press conference, saying one of the object appears to be about 24 meters in size.

A boeing 777, its wingspan is about 60 meters.

It is anyone's guess whether this could pan out to be something.

The prime minister earlier warned that it may be another false lead.

They have to go check it out.

Let's listen in.

New and credible information has come to light.

In relation to the search for malaysia airlines flight mh-370 in the southern indian ocean.

The australian maritime safety authority has received information based on satellite imagery of objects possibly related to the search.

Following specialist analysis of this satellite imagery, two possible object related to the search have been identified.

The malaysian government put out a statement, the transport minister saying, i followed every lead from the beginning and we will follow this one.

They hope for a positive development.

This will be slow going.

This area is said to have poor visibility in the best of conditions.

The seas are rough.

It is 2500, matters -- 2500 kilometers from land.

The first aircraft arrived about 1:50 p.m. local time.

That is just about 4.5, 5 hours ago.

We will bring you up-to-date as we get any developments on the missing malaysian airliner.

Thank you very much, zeb eckert.

Coming up, in his budget speech george osborne announced the creation of the alan turing institute to help harness the potential of big data.

We are speaking with the ceo of one big data firm next here on "countdown." ?

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