Audi Targets China in Drive for Luxury Dominance

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March 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg international correspondent Hans Nichols reports on Audi’s plans for new vehicles and sales targets for China as it looks to expand in the luxury auto market on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Figures that are interesting.

17 new or revamped vehicles from audi in 2014. growth in china -- registrations will hit the above 500,000 new vehicles sold in china.

Almost more than .5 million.

The other interesting figure is 22 billion euros that they are going to spend in the next five years on development.

This is a division of the company investing heavily.

They want to take the fight to bmw and mercedes.

It is a fierce and intense competition to see who can be number one in the lecture he market.

-- in the luxury market.

They have challenges with currency in brazil and china.

They have strong growth in those companies.

The american demand is back.

This will be an old-fashioned fight.

We will see what happens with march numbers in terms of new registration.

Will march be a rigorous selling month in january and february.

It is exciting.

The only downside is you and i cannot afford them.

They are pretty expensive.

It is all about new models.

Looking through what they are saying at the moment -- they are quite upbeat of the emerging markets.

More than .5 million car sales in china and upbeat on growth potential out of brazil.

Walking around the geneva motor show the other day, the emerging markets are an open question for the car sector.

Brazil jumped out at me.

They are starting to localize production in brazil and they don't have to worry about production costs or currency fluctuation in one direction.

When they repatriate it, they do.

When i talked to rupert stadler five months ago when currency was a bigger issue, he thought the best hedge against currency fluctuation is going local.

You really see that in brazil.

They have not done that in china.

In china, look at the yuan, the swings it is making will impact profit and revenues for big luxury carmakers.

Thank you very much.

Hans nichols joining us from berlin.

Live pictures coming from the audi press conference, ripper schadler in the middle.

Speaking a little later.

He will be speaking to us on "surveillance" later on bloomberg.

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