Attias: The French Have a Bad Attitude

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Dec. 03 (Bloomberg) -- Cecilia Attias, President of the Cecilia Attias Foundation for Women, discusses her book about being the former first lady of France. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I have to say, i am really enjoying it.

Thank you very much.

You start by saying you wanted to be represented.

Do you remember the moment when you thought, i want to write a book?

I like to write and i was trying to relate a little bit of what happened in my life.

In 2002, it was such a different kind of life.

So many experiences and so many people i have been meeting.

I tried to write and i wanted to publish my book.

Suddenly, i left my country.

I got divorced and moved to the united states.

Then i was writing not to publish.

My family was not that much positive about it.

Suddenly, they told me, can we read some of your pages?

I remember my daughter saying, it is good, mommy.

You have to go on.

I continued to write and this book was published.

You talk about your childhood and the values.

What were your favorite passages that you enjoyed writing?

We are in a crazy world.

Things are going in little bit -- things are very difficult for people.

I think we need to sustain our bases.

I had very positive parents and that build me.

My life was not that easy.

Very rich and experiences, but not easy.

Those values keep me on all the time.

And with my positive character, i think that is the most important part for me.

You talk about values and principles.

Some values which have been lost.

Why is this?

Is it the society and the chaos?

Education, maybe.

I do not know.

There are a lot of things.

I am quite positive.

I think maybe we can come back to those values in life.

I would like my kids -- you know, they have been reading this book.

They told me, with our friends, we are sharing.

You have to talk about that.

Those values are very important.

Maybe we have to think about education a little bit, especially in france.

The system of education and trying to pass those values.

Family is important.

It is where you can pass those values to kids.

That is where tolerance is learned.

That builds us.

And shapes people.


It is so important.

You talk about going to meet gadhafi and the five nurses with the doctor.

What were you thinking when that was happening?


I think it is like they will -- like a will, humanitarian gesture, that is all.

I talked to nicolas and asked him to do something.

Let me just try.

One was dying of cancer and the other one was trying to get herself a transplant.

I said, i think i can do something, just a humanitarian gesture.

I tried to go there and talk to gadhafi and then came back a few days -- what was he like?

Very weird, awkward.

I think he was on drugs, medicines.

But he was listening.

I was at the right moment at the right place.

I gave him an opportunity to change his image in the world.

He was carrying a big map on his jacket.

This guy wanted to be the king of africa.

He wanted to be the gate to africa.

For him, i gave him the opportunity to change and behave . excuse me for my english, but to have a humanitarian way of being.

It was tough, it was hard.

But what isn't? he may be wanted to show more international-friendly ties.

Talk to me more about france.

What is wrong with france today?

It is very difficult for me to say about france.

I am living in a nice place.

But i am very sad.

This country is not going well at all.

People are desperate.

You cannot take the hope -- hope is missing in france.

I think we have to work on that.

There is no special miracle solution.

Maybe we have to change our view of things.

This country is not a museum.

They are fabulous people with great talents and we need to help them.

I was in london for a few hours.

There are a lot of french people living here.

There is not that will of dynamism.

There is not the fighting.

That is missing in my country.

Is there anything to be saved?

It is difficult for me to say so.

I think this country is worth it and those people are worth it.

We need to find a way to help this country, which is an amazing country with amazing people.

They do not have to stay home and wait for help.

They have to work.

35 hours cannot work anymore.

We have to give them the courage to go on.

Do you think your former husband will run for election in 2014? i do not know.

I really do not know.

We will see.

It is going to be two years from now.

A lot of things can happen.

We have a lot of time.

We will see.

I do not know.

Thank you so much.

I am really enjoying the book.

I can highly recommend.

Thank you.

It is going to be translated, by the way.


In a few months from now.

The president of the cecilia attias women's foundation.

Thank you.

As we are headed to break,

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