Attack of the Cool: Google Acquires Boston Dynamics

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Robotics Industries Association President Jeff Burnstein and Bloomberg’s Trish Regan and Cory Johnson discuss Google’s plans for its new robotics acquisition. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The robot arms race is on?

President of the robotics industry association, cory johnson also here with us.

Do you think these monster companies are in a race here.

What are you anticipating as we move forward in the next year?

It reminds me of 30 years ago when i get started in robotics.

A number of companies were thinking robotics would be the next industrial revolution.

Ge, gm, ibm, westinghouse were the big names i got involved chasing the big markets.

But now we are in a new era for all this.

Robotics didn't really turn out to be all that it seems to be today.

Technology just wasn't there.

The technology has improved but many of the challenges remain.

They are now jumping in.

One of the reasons is a lack of mobility.

Some of the companies that google acquired deal with vision.

These problems were there 30 years ago and are still there today.

Hopefully google is in the position to start this.

The nsa -- this is interesting, and maybe a little odd.

Google is bringing in all these extracurricular projects.

This is probably how a lot of these things started like a self driving car.

They have closed the big development center in australia and have tried to be a more focused company.

They haven't made a clear where they are going with this stuff.

Five years, 10 years from now, whatever it is, will it really be a search engine anymore?

Whenever i see a company go very far off of the core mission, i worry about things that companies do that lead them astray.

Google has tons of free cash flow.

Who knew that it would be a centerpiece?

They saw that coming early.

What is the future here?

Tell me about the robot of the future and what it can do.

It can do a lot of things.

Why aren't there robots in our homes?

Why is there not something to do the cooking and the cleaning and take care of us when we are older?

If google can solve these challenges, it is possible we can have an effective home robot in the future.

Are they the best company to be doing that?

Google collects data so that when we search on a search engine that they have made very easy to use, they know a lot about us and what we are searching for.

What if they had a robot that knew what you ate for breakfast and knew what wine you drink?

Would they be able to send you information on special offers on those products or deliver them from their warehouse in their driverless car with a humanoid robot?

The future is all there.

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