AT&T Said to Explore Vodafone Takeover Next Year

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Global Outlook," Matt Miller looks a t a possible AT&T takeover of Vodafone. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for today's global outlook with matt miller.

We have some breaking news on at&t. executives are laying the groundwork for a takeover of vodafone.

The deal could come as soon as next year.

This is bloomberg reporting but so phone -- so far shares are reacting.

I was downstairs talking to jeff mccracken, one of the guys who broke the story.

He said this is not the kind of thing where it is already gone to the lawyers and bankers and they are sitting in meetings and signing contracts.

It is more like the internal guys, the executives at at&t have had on their whiteboard a long time get into europe.

They are doing what they can to get into europe.

This is the latest and greatest idea they had.

In the summer, they had been trying to talk to verizon about doing this deal, lying vodafone and breaking it up in a way.

Telefonica would get some other stuff and at&t would get into europe.

Are you hearing any talk of valuation?

If you look at the market cap, it is 108 alien pounds -- billion pounds.

That would put it up there with one of the biggest mergers and acquisitions of all time.

Six times the size of the dell deal.

It is absolutely huge.

The hope-- whole company would be $250 billion.

They do not want to keep it out and they would not be able to.

Regulators would make them break it up.

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