AT&T Said to Explore Vodafone Takeover

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Nov. 01 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matthew Campbell reports on AT&T looking at a Vodafone takeover and what they may mean for the rest of the telecom industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is becoming?

These are real preparation here toward an approach and a real move toward vodafone next year.

The problem is vodafone still with verizon to sell its 45% stake in verizon wireless, the u.s. largest mobile operator, needs to happen first.

Nothing can be done until that is closed.

The timeline is more like probably end of the first quarter next year and we can see real movement heard this is an immensely complex transaction.

Within at&t they're taking it quite seriously.

If at&t is doing this, then vodafone is getting ready as well.

Vodafone is getting ready, they're open to a deal as people with the fastest people familiar with the situation of told us.

He has his own idea about how vodafone could stand alone as a fixed company.

-- as a standalone company.

It could mean a mega deal, analysts speculated about liberty global, for example as a target rate it would make vodafone in vulnerable to takeover because it would be too big.

That thinking very hard about that and they're also thinking about if they are going to be taken over or merged with at&t, under what conditions would allow that?

Yeah, must be some regulatory situation surrounding this.

At&t is thinking about it, everybody is thinking about it.

What other telecom groups are going to think about this transaction?

Out does this change the landscape?

Once a process starts it puts all kinds of other things on the table and makes other executives think about their options as well.

A few things could happen.

Or one, at&t are not really interested in v vodafone's emerging-market assets.

Whoever picks us up, maybe china mobile if you want to be bold in your productions come estimate becomes a bigger player.

We have to wonder about is the other european players.

If at&t, this gigantic american company turns up in a backyard, what do france telecom and deutsche telekom do?

Maybe they will merge.

Telefonica has the questions asked about its own face in the market.

There would be questions.

Yes our huge obstacles in all aspects.

Is not an easy thing to pull off.

Matt campbell.

Francine, back to you.

Over $4 billion later today.

Despite a number big acquisitions this year, the company still has plenty of cash to spend.

Our international correspondent hans nichols joins us with the very latest.

Plenty of cash, that's one

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