Will AT&T's New iPhone Sales Promotion Work?

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Keri Geiger, Alex Sherman and Eric Chemi wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Paying attention to right now.

I'm here with keri geiger.

We are talking about barclays.

Barclays faces as much as $2 billion in conduct charges.

The analysts are saying barclays may see the cost for rigging currency markets and lying to clients about the selling interest rates.

The bank could reach settlements by the end of 2014. they can't seem to catch a break with the use of ledge and scandals.

It is a good guess on what they could pay.

It could be over a billion dollars.

In a big picture perspective wall street's six biggest banks have spent 100 up -- $100 million since a financial crisis.

That is far more than dividends.

We are seeing a shift.

Another european bank.

It pays to be a lawyer, it pays not to be an american bank.

They are not doing so great as it is.

Down 19%. this story reminds me of the gm recall story.

Every week there is an increase to the number.

And barclays case it is how much are they going to get find?

-- fined?

You're going to be on a weekly and monthly basis talking about updates to this story because it is not going to get settled for months.

These are just for two issues.

Barclays is the worst performing banks of the six banks.

They have lost a number of key people internally.

A number have fled.

It has been a rough year.

That is quite true.

They have lost a lot of people.

You wonder, with all of this news being so negative, what that does to the morale, and people saying i don't know if i want to stick around because i don't know how my company is going to be affected.

The shareholders are getting less than the lawyers.

If the money isn't coming out of your pocket why are you working there?

Let's switch to bill ackman.

He put money in his pocket.

His firm is targeting the ipo of a close end fund.this year . this is according to an investor letter obtained by bloomberg news.

What do we think?

20% withdrawals in 2009. he realizes these investors are too smart to be investors in his fond -- fund.

I'm going to look for less sophisticated investors who are excited in my brand name.

I knew you were going there.

There is a 600% return if you invest with his fund 10 years ago.

You're making a lot of money.

Let's talk about his brand name.

It has clearly suffered as of late.

Herbalife a prime example.

Buy low, sell high.

This is the time.

Get in now.

It is going to soar.

That has to be his message.

Don't judge me, look at me over the past 10 years.

I've had success.

And he has.

Though recently he has suffered.

It seems shady.

The fact they are desperate to get this money.

It is not a regular hedge fund where you can get in and now.

Hundreds of millions of dollars traded.

He needs another financial crisis.

You need specific situations to make his money and needs people to give him money with no timetable.

We are watching and wish him well of course.

At&t is offering $200 discount on ipads as part of and i fell in -- iphone sale.

What do you think of this?

Eric thinks this is contract trickery.

That's exactly what i think.

This is another scam.

If you want to buy an iphone at full price and you want to buy a two-year contract at full price, and you want to buy an ipad at full price, after those thousands of dollars you are giving to us we will give you $200 off.

This is ridiculous.

You get a discounted ipad.

You do.

At all the stuff you buy.

The discount in the past could have been anything.

This needs to go to an ipad.

Plus the contract with the ipad if you get that with a wireless signal.

What does this do to apple with its intentions to boost its soft iphone sales?

It gets rid of inventory and they move on.

Last quarter sales were down 9% year-over-year.

The growth areas not there.

Americans love the idea of a bargain.

That is the point.

That is what these billion dollar companies trick you into thinking you're getting a deal.

It is a great deal for apple.

If it involves an apple product you should think to yourself, hmm, because that is not their strategy.

There has to be some sort of catch that may think you think twice.

Let's talk about facebook.

They are planning to track users across all devices.

The company is going to give the information to advertisers letting them know where promotion was viewed and when it led to a purchase.

Should we expect a backlash over privacy?

I don't like the idea of them tracking everything i do.

At the same time, it is nice to get an ad that you might actually want to click on.

This is their business.

Every media company is trying as best they can to track what you do, and give the information to advertisers.

In tv we have the nielsen ratings and what the commercials go, and trying to find shows that matchup to who is watching.

We have been doing it for 50 years.

This is a much more advanced way of doing it.

It is never going back to read -- back.

[indiscernible] if i don't want to do that i won't click.

That is what cookies are for.

When they made this announcement there was buzz around privacy concerns.

Users still log on and keep going.

Subscribers keep going up.

As does mobile ad revenue.

Does it bother you?

I still don't have facebook.


We are going to work on that.

You have no excuse.

If you want to be creeped out there are technologies, gps can track where you are on an x y basis.

They will track what floor you are on in a mall.

They will give you the correct ads.

I started turning off my location.

You have a great piece today at bloomberg.com.

A deeper look at polling.

You were asking the question, are we in an environment where new beanie a is going to be bidding for old media?

It started as a fun project.

How old are the ceos of the legacy media companies?

A lot of them are old.

Rupert murdoch is 83 years old.

I started picking them off.

Disney, time warner, fox.

I tallied them all up.

Nine or so companies that are public.

I looked at the ages of their ceos.

The youngest ceo of the traditional media company is older than the oldest ceo of any of the tech companies that would buy one of these companies.

Apple, netflix, facebook, twitter, yahoo!. all their ceos are younger than the youngest of the old.

Is it because you are getting a brand?

Part of it is branding for sure.

Part of the is that a lot of these media companies haven't yet gone through the next wave of either retirement and/or consolidation with tech companies.

What it jives with, i think, is the identity younger people view content in a different way than older people do and the ceos matchup that way.

There is a way to leverage that.

Everyone should check out that story on bloomberg.com.

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