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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Zendesk CEO and Co-Founder Mikkel Svane discusses the software behind the scenes of customer service. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Interesting because helpdesk problems is when many have tackled for many years.

You seem to be growing at a big scale.

We definitely are.

We came to san francisco watch her years ago to build and grow this company.

-- four years ago to build and grow this company.

I was with tony shay of zap those in las vegas last week.

One of the things he told me is the people in san francisco do not want to do customer service.

He expected they did in las vegas.

You are finding different.

You can find people who want to do customer service everywhere.

I think tony and the guys from amazon are showing examples for the rest of the world and how transformative customer service and providing a great experience can be for a company.

We really try to help other companies learn from that example and we give them the great tools and the great practices to execute on that mission.

Such as a great customer service platform.

It is all about self-service, customer support and engagement.

I see a lot of startups use you.

I was looking at drop cam.

I love that company.

Interesting company.

They have a new product.

I was trying to try the new product and had some issues with my account.

I found myself on zendesk.

I wonder if this is the way a lot of startups, when they turn on the firehose, can deal with these issues?

I think that drop cam is one of these great companies.

They realize they get a big audience and a worldwide audience and they need to, they need to automate and they need to help these customers help themselves.

And turn every interaction into an opportunity to provide a great customer service experience and build a relationship for life.

How many employees do have right now?

500. i wonder as we approach the holidays what sort of things are unique to the customer service challenges around the holidays?

We help our customers get prepared.

We help put relevant information in front of their customers.

We help them staff correctly and set expectations, which is very important when your traffic explodes.

What kind of service to expect.

It is very important to set that level of expectation up front so you do not expect more than the company can deliver.

How do you say that to a customer?

How does a company planned for that?

I want to respond right away but that is not -- of course you have to figure out the best you can do.

And then you have to be up front with your customers and say we can be so and so fast, we can get back to you so and so quickly.

You have to be very honest and direct.

Mikkel svane, thank you very much.

Let's get back to that hack-a- thon going on right now.

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