ASOS Stock Can Break Through Highs: Kelly

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Brenda Kelly, Market Strategist at IG Group, discusses various companies’ earnings and her subsequent investing strategy. She appears on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It was about a year and three quarters ago.

There was a tree trunk under the water.

When i hit it, i lost my knee, my hip and two vertebrae in my back.

We thought it was over.

I found myself wearing the products all through the four surgeries i had.

All through the recoveries.

When you have a hip replacement, you are nuts most to go to the hospital for four days.

I was out for 30 hours.

So you're back to skiing in the water.

My big thing is snowboarding.

This is the 13th anniversary of my announcement of ms.

I want to show people how tommie copper gave me my life back, gave you your hip back.

Come snowboard with me.

You're inviting me on national tv to go away.

I guess i am going to chile next week.

[applause] part of the reason you are here is to tell people that the man behind the product uses the product.

You also started this idea -- we started a campaign on our facebook page called 100,000 stories of relief.

We were so interested in hearing real people, real stories, real problems, real solutions.

We got over 10,000 replies.

There were two that really

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