Asos Shares Fall as Investments to Impact Earnings

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March 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on second-quarter results from Asos and fourth-quarter results form Sainsbury on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Because they posted 28% gross in sales.

What company could possibly give you that stellar growth and then plunged to the depths?

Consumer analysts are saying that we are just seeing a tempering of growth from the giddy heights that we saw back in christmas.

Analysts have wanted to see a 35% increase in sales.

They got less than that and they got 26%. perhaps not boding well for the fiscal first quarter.

International sales were weak in particular.

Russia, australia, both seeing weakening in their currencies.

Slip that back in the british pounds and your sales are really dented.

Still, there is growth coming from asos.

Maybe that is why we see such volatility.

With a company that should be really dealing with roundabout maturity, we still see sales up more than 20%. as a company that showing it can really move some markets and still improve in the u.k.. caroline, speaking of growth, what do think of sainsbury.

?? the cf oh told us the very thing.

We absolutely have the bandwidth to create very aggressively on price.

That is certainly what we will intend to do.

They can compete aggressively with who?

It will be more send flinging one billion pounds at reducing prices.

It has been hitting sales in terms of the discounters.

Also, some poor weather.

3.1% for the last quarter.

Easter coming later.

They have dented sales as well.

Overall, it is sounding pretty optimistic.

They think they can outperform their peers, even in this very challenging environment.

We say the king has left, his new designate has some tough work on his hands.

Back to you.

Verlyn hayek, the very latest on the troubles facing the high street.

What are we watching today?

The search for the missing malaysia air jet.

It is become the longest in commercial aviation history.

Investigators are looking at the possibility of that suicide.

That is just one of the news out there.

Whoever was operating the aircraft went to great lengths to avoid being detected.

We will bring any breaking news that comes from that.

Flight to and from french -- france.

Payroll taxes, cuts and

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