Ashley Madison CEO Rejects Fake Profile Claims

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March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashley Madison, discusses the allegations of fake profiles on the online dating service with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

We appreciate you joining us.

A very hot issue.

No pun intended.

Let me ask what about the claims that a lot of these profiles are they?

I am not unfamiliar with these.

This is nothing more than sour grapes.

A former employee wanted a fast payday.

We are 100% committed to an organic community.

It is not anything other organic, true and real.

100% legitimate.

Every person who signs up says i signed up to ashley madison.

I found the girl with whom i want to communicate and i started talking to her.

There is no way that she works for or is anyway if italy aged with your company or a company that you are related to.


That would never happen.

Zero chance.

It is not a business practice we engage in.

What can happen is a user comes here with malicious intent.

If that person gets through, we will refund it in two seconds.

We roll it all the way back.

That happens very frequently.

It does happen from time to time.

This is some sour grapes.

Our site it is not an online brothel.

It is a real service with throw people.

It takes time and communication.

It is not work with everybody.

Sometimes people want to blame the service rather than their communication service.

It is not what takes place.

Talk to me about the business model.

It is someopnne browse it for free and pay a certain amount per contact or conversation?

How does that work.

We are little different than other dating services.

Each communication costs credit.

We do not want you to do that digital lipstick by moving it over to a personal e-mail account.

Weak urge to keep it on the platform.

-- we urge you to keep it on the platform.

Every initial communication has a cost that it is with genuine people.

You do have some sort of security operation to make sure all of these people are real and not some sort of fishing scheme -- phishing scheme?

I guess the most, i'm problem is prostitutes are working.

There is a natural way.

She can sit back and build a profile or upload a profile.

She reads the communications.

It is pretty rare for a woman to upload a photo out of the gate.

If that happens we have a high probability we have an imposter on their hands.

We read b communications.

If they are fake, they are suspended during people are trying to move over a campsite.

If you do get caught, we return your credit to you.

You can go and use them on the organic profiles.

Right now i am in south korea for a launch.

It is looking for men and women to have extramarital encounters successfully.

This just dawned on me.

Have you ever had any interactions with the nsa or concerns that edward snowden is going to say that the u.s. government is looking into ashley madison's database?

Maybe you're staying with some kind -- some sarcasm but maybe there is validity.

I think it is why some are little angry with general petraeus.

He can be compromised.

So much of what we have done near the subject rate the perfect affair.

You can anonymously use our service.

We put this out of america.

It gives safer terrain than most.

Zero sarcasm by the way.

You are countersuing dory on a silver/ -- doriana silva who says she was hired to write fake profiles.

Had you see it ending?

If you look at the court documents, what she submitted is that you make sure the site works when he wanted to a new country.

She was also instructed to build male profiles and payments.

We are running testing.

You have to look at the person and someone you has been a malicious person.

Thank you.


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