Elon Musk Down $1.5 Billion in the Past Two Days

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Billionaires Editor Matthew G. Miller examines the volatile nature of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk’s fortune, due to safety concerns over a third Model S fire in the last five weeks sending the company’s stock lower. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

News, tesla ceo elon musk has seen a run-up in his personal fortune, but it has actually dropped over the past couple of days.

The carmaker shares have plummeted after the.

-- the third model s has caught fire.

I am joined by matthew g. miller.

Give us a sense of just how much in billions elon musk has lost?

He is down $1.5 billion in the last two days.

You have seen a huge meteor run- up of tesla stock and solar city stock and as a result, his fortune got almost two $9 billion.

It is now in the $7.5 billion range.

This is a guy who could barely pay his divorce settlements a couple of years ago and did not have a lot of cash flow.

He is the hundred 76 richest person in the world.

A complete turnaround.

Tied to the vehicle, the optics are not looking good.

It is not a surprise you see a little correction after the huge rise, but what is surprising is three cards have set fire in the last five years and is tesla goes, so does elon musk.

-- elon musk.

But how much of his fortune is tied up in tesla?

Mostly in tesla.

Spacex is not worth what tesla is.

Has elon musk given any indication on how he uses his money?

A lot of them talk about philanthropic efforts.

It is really a growth story.

He has three separate businesses, all of which are hyper-growth.

Tesla will continue to see a rise.

The same thing with solar city.

I do not think we will see spacex go public any times soon with regulations probably not at

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