As Apple Goes, Fortunes Will Follow: Knuckman

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Trading Advantage Senior Market Analyst Alan Knuckman previews today's markets and discusses his investment ideas with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Investors' minds, whether institutional or retail, can we repeat the same games that we saw in 2013 next year?

That would be a very high bar to set.

I look at the market higher, and very optimistic.

I think it has been a tragedy that people have not believed in this year.

This was the year where the contrary is -- you had inability to foresee that everybody is so negative.

You saw the market rally.

I am looking for 6.5% in near term.

We still have more upside.

As apple goes, people's fortunes will follow.

We had a breakout, a $60 move.

That is about 6.5% higher.

It is a big market cap company and it has been a stock that we have watched.

Come on, apple products are losing more and more market share.

Well yeah.

They will get it figured out.

It got overly beat down from a technical standpoint.

It turns its fortune, it is not participating.

It is carrying the nasdaq in this recent leg to the upside.

It comes back to -- everybody has an opinion.

They were wrong about the market this year, they thought they would be a correction and a selloff.

I try to look at those markets that have not moved or people leaning in one direction and look the opposite way.

Gold is something to look at.

We are seeing bullish divergene.


we made new lows but did not make highs in relatively -- and volatility.

Look for some relatively.

Everybody is so sour, the market will typically go the other way.

Alan, thank you so much.

Happy holidays.

From the tray to the call, -- trade tot the call.

Margie's call is accentuated positives.

You could be giving up returns.

That could be a lesson for 2013. yes, i think it is going to be another good year for investors.

This was a great year but next year will also prove to surprise people by having better returns than what people were thinking.

People think the market has gone up so much it must go down.

The fundamentals look terrific for the economy.

Not the same gains from 2013?

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