Arm Holdings 1Q Revenue 186.7M Pounds

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April 23 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on earnings for Arm Holdings and where the company sees growth. She speaks with Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We have first-quarter revenue climbing.

Not quite as much as expected.

It is up about nine percent.

186 million pounds.

Normalized pretax profits or the profitability they get from the sales is up more than expected -- 97.1 million pounds.

That is about 30% in terms of profitability for the first quarter.

The reason -- they're using more powerful chip designers and many smartphones, tablets that can charge more.

The way that they get their money is they charge you a license fee to use the design but that also charges you a royalty every time you use that ship in any smartphone.

Both those figures are coming out right now -- license revenue up 33%. world t -- royalty revenue up.

There was a lot of lip service paid to the fact that you and i don't need somebody smart phones anymore.

We are hitting a saturation point.

The royalties they get from the smartphones is the whittling.

-- dwindling.

It was 32% earlier.

Where is the growth opportunity?

For arm, this is a company that the numbers are not sexy.

19 million pounds in terms of profitability.

Is not term -- it is not sexy in terms of headquarters like apple or bruder -- google.

95% of all mobile phones in the world have arm products in it.

This makes me very worried about the state of people steve.

--peoples teeth.

People touched and arm-based product.

Only 65% of people have access to sanitation, high-end sanitation.

This is how all enveloping smartphones and mobile's have become.

It is not just about mobiles and tablets anymore.

Talk about the cows.

The internet of things has become this saying that we talked about nowadays.

What on earth is it?

They could be that your cow in one of its stomachs has a chip that monitors how well it is.

I will put it on my cap.


farmers have said they want their livestock to be monitored on the internet.

Farmers are so busy they want to know how their yields are doing on their fields.

How well their cows are, how much food or water they're taking in.

You can do that by putting a chip in the stomach of a cow.

Are we getting excited -- how all-encompassing the chips and internet of things can become and how much they need companies and individuals to go to them and give them ideas.

You can also use it for your smoke alarms or thermostat.

Nest, a really interesting company bought by google -- they monitor the elderly.

And set of having your frail began -- instead of having your frail grandmother in your home, they can be in that home.

You can monitor how the routine is, whether the routine has been changed or whether you need to be worried.

Barcelona has chips on their trash bins which will direct the bin men two been better fo -- two bins that are full.

The internet of things -- arm is at the center of that growth.

We will continue this

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