Is the Amazon Phone About Mobile Payments?

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April 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s David Kirkpatrick discusses reports of Amazon entering the smartphone market and what it could mean for online retail sales and payments on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


David kirkpatrick bloomberg contributing editor and author of the facebook effect.

Good morning.

What heart of this is the ecosystem for amazon versus just selling a phone?

The ecosystem and the competitive landscape is the way to look at the story.

There is a small number of companies that are attempting to have a relationship with us close to every american is possible.

Google, facebook, amazon.

Almost apple, yahoo!. make the -- maybe microsoft and their dreams.

If you are trying to keep an ongoing relationship for all kinds of commercial relationships with everybody, you have to have a phone.

There is another side of it.

I think there is something really interesting that i thought about.

Thank you.

Facebook is down 18%. i had an epiphany on this.

The biggest critique of amazon, which could be the achilles' heel is the idea they are killing local retail.

They are ready have a product i have talked about on the kindle fire tablet.

If you really wanted to compete with ebay, paypal, square has incredible inroads.

You can have a phone with all of these relationships with the americans who shop online, which amazon basically artie has.

You can start making more money when they go to regular stores.

It is brilliant.

In that business model amazon is retail stores becomes the place were you pick the thing up, not anymore.

I think would amazon would like is local resale still thrives.

Figure out what you want, make money, help you, service you.

The good thing for amazon is they have these incredible economies of scale and could make loans and effectively give them away.

Talk about pricing.

Apple cares about margins.

Wanted to be the bmw of computer business for apple.

Who should sell him as the most?

Walmart is fear amazon a lot.

Everybody should fear all of these companies.

They all have overlapping ambitions.

Lex is android in trouble?


Just looking at a statistic comes 16% of americans use google and they try to buy something.

More than 30% use amazon.

You want into a position where you get into transaction because that is where the money is.

Well i want to upgrade this to an iphone six?

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