Chances for Gov't Shutdown Increase Every Minute

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to avert a shutdown by shifting to a debt-ceiling fight ran into opposition from some Republicans in another setback for efforts to keep the U.S. government operating after Sept. 30. Peter Cook reports on Bloomberg television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Increasing every minute that goes by.

The two sites continue to talk past each other.

The clock starting to become the biggest enemy of all.

The senate will pass this bill today.

That is what we inspect to happen at 12:30 here this is the senate democrat bill which will keep the government funded through mid-november.

The legislation will go back to the house of representatives where john boehner is promising to make changes to tweak the bill and send it right back to the senate.

One idea on the table for republicans, delaying obamacare for one year.

That is already being rejected by senate democrats.

I spoke to dig durban from the senate yesterday -- i spoke to dick durban from the senate yesterday.

15 million americans are uninsured.

They get sick, go to the hospital, and their bills are paid buy the rest of us.

It is unfair they do not have access to health insurance.

It is unfair to the rest of us that we have to pay their bills.

As far as john boehner's problems, their self-imposed.

If he decided he would be a leader for america instead of just a leader for the house republican caucus, we could get some things done around here.

What's again, the vote in the senate today around 12:30 the one thing to watch carefully is the intraparty squabbling that played out with republicans late yesterday.

Bob corker and ted cruz got into a publicly on the senate floor, questioning the strategy here, why they were not delaying -- why they were delaying things.

That was bob corker questioning ted cruz on strategy.

That is one more complicating factor in this debate.

It absolutely is.

What about then leading up to the debt ceiling fight, where do we stand?

The basic message is, house republicans are saying we do not even want to tackle that fight and until we resolve our issues on the spending bill.

John boehner try to introduce a dead telling bill yesterday loaded with republican goodies -- introduced a bill yesterday loaded with republican goodies, still not good enough.

Acta square one on the debt ceiling.

Thank you very much.

A reminder, you can catch more of peter's interview with senator durbin on "capital gains" tonight and saturday and sunday.

That is right here on bloomberg television.

This morning cause mover and

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