Ukraine Protests: First Glimpse of Civil War?

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News managing Editor Helmuth Tromm sets the scene from Kiev where violent protests against the government continue in Independence Square on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

The situation is right now.

The bloomberg offices located about a mile away from independence square, where you can see the tv picture showing of the burning barricades and protesters confronting the police.

Right where we are, it is a quiet side street but we only have to walk two or three blocks down to see the barricade.

We are getting latebreaking headlines about the army chief being fired and taking place by the navy chief.

Tell us what is going on there?

We are in the process of trying to figure that out ourselves.

What we know about the navy chief is that he is from the eastern ukraine.

We suspect he is found more loyal in the situation.

He has not really explained himself yet.

These protests have been going on since november.

Do you get the feeling right now, they are reaching a climax?

That this could be the opening hour of civil war?

Is that taking it a step too far?

I think you're quite right.

We have reached a new stage within the past 24 hours.

Yesterday, the bloodiest day in the ukraine history ever since the breakaway from the union more than 20 years ago, you know, some regions in the last, including the city close to poland, they declare their independence from the government and there are twitter posts from another city, where they have changed another regional governor to the stage and -- and with all the deaths happening, there are signs of the law happening, giving the law power to effectively shoot at people, the situation has dramatically changed.

We know canada temporarily closed its embassy.

What can you tell us about businesses?

Are they close right now?

Is everybody at home?

What is the situation?

The conflict escalated in the late hours of the afternoon yesterday.

The mayor called on people to stay home today.

A lot of shops and offices seem to be closed today, for instance in the office building where we are.

We seem to be the only ones working today.

The metro system has been shut down here there are not a lot of people on the streets when you walk a couple of blocks away from independence square.

Life has not completely come to a halt, but it has definitely changed the atmosphere in the city.

Are you getting the sense these protests are spreading to the rest of the country?

Definitely in the western part of the country, which seems to feel a lot closer to western europe, yes, there are a lot of free parts in local cities, where people have stormed government buildings.

They have also stormed some buildings at least so the government claims -- definitely, in some parts of the country, the unrest has been spreading.

We do not have any such reports from eastern ukraine, which seems a lot more recoil -- loyal.

On the ground in ukraine for bloomberg news, thank you so

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