Are U.S. Schools Prepared for Migrant Students?

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- National Alliance for Public Charter Schools CEO Nina Rees and Bloomberg’s Esme Deprez discuss the impact of immigration policy on U.S. schools. They speak on “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Christina walton point out that schools are often children's initial point of contact with society.

How difficult is the entry points, particularly for kids who do not speak english.

We speak to school districts catch -- across the country who are dealing this for increasing need for translation for things like mayan who may not be at a fixed five.

These goals have to educate them while we are here.

Let's talk about resources.

She quotes a 40,000 figure that is equivalent to the student population in my hometown in the work, new jersey.

Are there enough resources to give migrant student stability and the capacity to learn?

Resources are a huge issue when it comes to challenges such as this one.

This is hall -- all hands on deck type of situation.

One point in time with the school district and city and different social networks can come together to meet the immediate needs of the students.

This is that point in time.

There are examples of schools that have done a tremendous job of meeting the needs of migrant student.

I would suggest this is the time to really learn from the best practices from some of the schools like community schools in texas like those in texas that have change the curriculum to meet the needs of students and what sorts of social service has come together to meet the immediate needs of the students.

One thing important is the school is the safest and most stable setting for the students.

A lot of stake -- a lot of stake and schools have a vague role in this debate.

How much is the state?

School district's are struggling to meet the demand.

Fairfax county for example developed an entire new curriculum to help parents of these newly immigrated students.

They may not have seen each other in years so there is problem at home.

Schools are struggling to adapt.

Are the districts getting relief from state and federal aid to go are they getting any types of grants from the federal or state government?

I talk to the houston school district two has gone additional money to deal with the influx of immigrant students and that shows you that this has been going on for some time.

The surgeon immigrant children crossing alone started in 2011. this is kind of old news for schools at this point.

They have been doing this.

Lex talk to us about the challenges of getting migrant students up to grade level?

Depended on the age, a lot of them speak english.

The first challenge is to teach them english.

They realize the opportunities available to them in the united states.

They are highly motivated.

It is important for the school to realize even though the they do not speak english very well and have confronted challenges, that at this point in time they have students that are ready, willing and able to learn and important for adults to take on the challenge and meet needs wherever they are at.

This is a personal story for you.

Tell us about your own journey?

I am an immigrant of course.

My situation is very different in that i came with my parents to the country and have the support of both of them through high school and i spoke english already.

I firmly believe that is where learning english is a gateway for everything they do and we should not allow the circumstances for which they came to the country to slow down the commitment to teaching the students as fast as possible.

How has this intensify the immigration debate in washington?

Politicians need to pay attention to the fact that immunities, cities and towns that they represent, they already have the fallout of the order turmoil and turmoil and latin america.

So they need to provide the support.

Certainly school district and community leaders there would say we need help to me the resources to be able to take care of the kids because they are here, what else will we do?

The story is on the bloomberg terminal.

Thank you.

The ceo of the national alliance

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