Are Twitter and Facebook Lifelines for Pay TV?

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Edmund Lee discusses social media's impact on TV ratings. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

I read from your article that subscriptions are expected to drop this year for the first time ever.

Could twitter and facebook basically be lifelines?

They could be.

It is not proved yet that they are bringing tons of people back to television.

The rise in social media is forcing people to tune into their favorite programs live.

They do not want to be spoiled.

You talk about "breaking bad" or "the bachelor" or all of these things that are time sensitive.

Especially the reality show.

There is a game show element where people want to watch them live.

Trying to avoid the spoiler chatter is actually driving people to watch things live.

The advertisers for ones have to be happy.

You're not just going to zoom through.

Maybe you want to watch it in real-time.

It is great for advertisers.

It is forcing people to stay at their television live.

There's another platform that they could advertise again.

They can marry what they're saying on television.

It just reinforces their message even better.

A study finding that twitter can actually boost ratings.


People think i should probably watch it.

That is changing the model.

It is.

It is a nice bit of information.

They have collectively seen a drop in ratings.

Anything that drives people back to watching things live is there.

How do i turn this into this?

Though that is still being discussed.

Their skills up to schism -- there is still skepticism as well.

It is great for twitter.

I think twitter one that in the sense that nielsen is a trusted provider.

The fact that twitter has now tacked onto that legitimizes what ever they are saying in terms of the twitter audience.

Twitter is like a live medium.

It mimics television.

I think there is a nice crossover and magic appeal.

The fact that there will not be a standard twitter measurements from nielsen proves it is important.

A stamp of approval there.

Thank you very much.

This developing relationship

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