Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Price?

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Advertising Age Editor Abbey Klaassen discusses Super Bowl ad rates and success with Stephanie Ruhle, Erik Schatzker, and Al Hunt on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is all just type?

-- hype?

At the end of the day, i am not sure i watch the ads.


If you're spending $4 million, you want to make sure that you are hyping the fact that these are the best ads of the year.

You want to make sure people shush their friends during the game.

Folks forget that this is a business.

How do you determine just how does the industry decide that the $4 million was worth it?

We do see advertisers trying to milk as much out of it as they can.

Volkswagen was one of the first marketers to release their spots early in order to generate the buzz on social media.

Genius move.

We have seen a lot of marketers copy it.

This is the first year we are seeing marketers release teaser spots, ads for the ads in the game.

They are really going all out.

How do we know this -- i watch the ads, i take breaks on extra points.

I love the ads.

I do not drink budweiser here.

What do you drink?

I junk wine.

-- drink wine.

The coke ads have been terrific.

Do they work?

For all the money?

That is the $4 million question this year.

It is hard to determine.

They do work for certain types of advertising.

We do work -- talk a lot of advertisers who need to generate broad awareness all at once.

There are great opportunities.

You do not get anything else like that today on television.

They work for some of these big advertisers who owned the game and become synonymous with it.

Budweiser, for example.

The clydesdales.

You want the ads to stand out and be entertaining and you want people to love them.

You also in want people to associate them with your product.

How do you create an ad that does both?

You have this fabulous ad from last year.

Also, one of the most effective ads of the game.

What add to people remember?

Do they remember the brand that was being marketed?

That is how you going to do terminate whether the ad was successful?

By the highly unscientific subjective responses?

There really is not a way for budweiser to know.

Whether the ad generate additional sales.

It is tough to isolated to that specific ad at that specific moment in time.

You do see is the opportunity to use this big game to launch a new campaign, that sort of thing.

And you look back into it -- some modeling -- it is hard to isolated.

To the ad agencies jack up what they charge?

These are highly produced ads.

That was not cheap, i guarantee you.

It was not cheap to produce.

But those ad agencies, do they check their rates twice as much knowing and a super bowl time?

They better not.

Budweiser is a client all your long.

They are still very expensive to produce.

The $4 million is just the price of entry.

Is budweiser stuck at this point?

They know that they will have to drop the dough.

If they are not there, it is almost much worse than spending the money and not generating the additional sales.

If they are not there, the competitor will be there.

I remember a few years ago, hyundai used a spot -- i think pepsi dropped out one year.

Suddenly, the most prime real estate in the game -- that first spot right after kickoff -- was up for grabs.

Hyundai snuck into that spot and launched their quality assurance program.

The super bowl was the platform from which they launched a campaign of a program that really fueled hyundai to some really incredible sales.

Let me ask you a tangential question.

Richard sherman, is a marketing dream or a marketing nightmare?

A marketing dream.


He is clever.

He knows exactly what he is doing.

I love him.

Me to.

Peyton manning versus richard sherman, what a great storyline.

He is suddenly on everybody's list.

How often do we end up talking about a defensive back?

In pop culture and in marketing?

How about social media?

Look at what oreo did.

They spent no money but got all the bang.

Is there an argument to be made on social media?

Oreo was in the game last year, for the first time.

They did spend a significant amount to be in the game.

The thing everybody remembers was not the game or the ad in the game, but the tweets.

It was re-tweeted about 16,000 times when they tweeted "you could still done in the dark." -- dunk in the dark." how do we respond more quickly to events that are happening in your real-time.

? they set themselves up to do this in big event select the super bowl.

We will be right back with

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