Are Singing Rabbis the Future of Television?

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Elliott Gotkine reports on the future of television and how it all comes down to the “wow factor.” He speaks to Anna Edwards and Jonathan Ferro on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Some singing rabbis?

Thank you for stealing my thunder.

Some people might advise you to look into the past.

Get the modern-day view of watching on their main tv and tablets and computers.

At least according to the media, and may give you an indication of what the future may hold.

? here in israel, the singing rabbis have become real stars.

Speaking with the chief executive, he says what is different than this one is the second screen is an integral part of the show.

Second crean -- second screen solutions were just extra materials while watching the show.

The other thing was to play along.

Here, it is not way along.

It is part of the narrative of the main show.

The power of the viewers create these live dramas in the show.

This is really innovative.

I have to say, jonathan, i have never seen anything quite like that.

Talk to me about the budget they have.

I remember telling me the pilot cost more than both series of "prisoners of war." he says what they need to do is play to their strengths.

Creativity and innovation.

I have great people with great skills here and we know how to do quite good stuff in small- scale.

We are doing it not too bad.

They sold it to rants, germany, scandinavia,. where hours away from the

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