Are Russia and Ukraine on the Brink of War?

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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Stratfor's Lauren Goodrich, Greylock Capital Management's Andrey Popel and Bloomberg View's Barry Ritholtz discuss the rising tensions between Russian and Ukraine. They speak with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


It is usual to have geopolitical tensions especially with oil producer like russia and see oil prices fall.

The ukraine is what is driving this.

One would expect to see a list and oil prices.

An excuse to get out and this might as well be it?

We saw the worst week in two yours last week.

It does not stop because you get a little bounce on monday.

A lot of factors were driving some weakness.

I would expect to see, if this were really driven by problems in russia, a spike in oil.

We are not seeing that.

How much are they willing to do to prevent eastern ukraine from going entirely to vladimir putin and the ukraine in general?

There could be more sanctions against russia at this time.

The problem is the longer this is stretched out, and russia is trying to stretch it out, the eu is less likely to wage more sanctions on russia.

This is all because of natural gas.

In the winter months, that is when russia's leverage really rises against the you.

What is the move if vladimir putin takes over the ukraine?

This is a geopolitical shift.

You see this more than ukraine.

He will not just stop with the ukraine?


Everybody else's him between.

If you would listen to the news channels you would realize the u.s. is the cause of all the problems in the world.

Everyone has got their own's in.

That is one of the fears, that vladimir putin has got its own spin and he is not backing down.

A lot of european company -- countries are at risk.

To some degree.

Ukraine was formally part of the soviet union.

There are people who believe he wants to reassemble the best and most strategic portions of that.

People have been skeptical over that thesis but it looks like there may be an element of truth to that.

We are suffering from war fatigue in the u.s.. the u.s. population has no app -- no appetite.

There is no countervailing force except the eu.

The u.s. in some ways make a mistake by coming out and being so vocal against to begin with, if we are not really willing to back that up?

The u.s. is that -- is backing that up.

That is what russia sees.

It is not just about direct u.s. military convention.

Here we are invoking all these sanctions alongside europe and providing strategic military advice.

Let amir putin assembling more and more troops, 45,000 now, on the border.


The key is the ukrainian military, which has made significant gains in we -- in recent weeks.

That is what russia is reacting to, the possibility the ukrainian military could actually pull off dividing and fracturing the russian backed separatist movement.

Vladimir putin said today people should be prepared for a real humanitarian crisis in the ukraine.

Is that a threat?

Of course it is.

Killing civilian populations.

They're trying to create an impression of a humanitarian crisis.

To the point you brought up about those in europe not reacting, we have to look at the history about how the second and first world wars unraveled and how this emerged.

It is not the same, but it is similar.

I am from the ukraine.

So you consider yourself ukrainian and not russian.

This is still in the very initial stage.

Bear with me.

If in fact vladimir putin is successful in taking over the ukraine and he does not want to stop there, do the eu and the u.s. come much more involved question mark i am talking involvement that will be more military.

The biggest pressure bouygues are the billionaires he counts on.

Maybe he wants a different legacy than merely being the guy who took over crimea and brought it back to russia.

It looks like he wants more.

We will really have to see how this lays out.

One would have thought, the really substantial sanctions would have had a bite coming from the u.s. and the eu.

We do not know how much of that he will retaliate.

I want to thank lauren for

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