Are Robots Ready To Take Over the World?

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Johnson updates the latest news on robotics on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is monday.

He got a little bunch time.

It is robot time.

Pet man has evolved.

It is time to take a look.

This time he is called atlas.

This has a revolution.

The nose creation, atlas is a step up.

There is nuclear fallout.

This is one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built.

The robot is designed to use human tools incline using its hands and feet.

The military hopes to use atlas as a soldier who would can withstand conditions.

The challenge 17 scientists and engineers.

This will make him effective.

They have arty have the hardware.

Now it is their job to come up with the software i can make at list a truly formidable force in the u.s. military.

Their deadline is this december.

The price for the winning team?

$2 million.

The teams competing for the $2 million prize represent nasa as well as the universities like virginia tech, drexel, and carnegie mellon.

Robots are taking over many parts of life as we know it.

The human element can sometimes be a little anxiety provoking.

Let's go.


The price for what is going to happen to us in the garage?

It can be reused.

I'm not going to worry about it.

It is professional.

I am afraid not.

There is new technology from boomerang systems that brings this just a few more stolen cars closer to the end of the human ballet.

I and the president of boomerang systems.

We are an innovator in on the bid -- in parking.

We can save real estate developers the space.

We are unique in that we use atvs to park that -- to park cars.

These are robots that are free to drive independent of a rack system.

. versus legacy systems, we cause those the rack in rail systems.

They have some inherent weaknesses.

This robotic system was developed to address those inadequacies.

Because they are not on a rail or a track, they're not going to go in any direction.

They can move around each other.

They can pick up the car from the front or back or side.

They can even drive underneath parked cars.

They can change dynamics.

He do not have to worry about anybody being in your car.

It that they're going to need 10 floors to part the cars.

There will still be people involved.

It will be creating more technology jobs.

Owners and operators should like this.

They really have control.

Not just because they are saving space.

That is so cool.

The word on the hill,

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