Are Professional Athletes the New Fashion Icons?

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Harper’s Bazaar Editor-at-Large Derek Blasberg and GQ Vice President and Publisher Chris Mitchell discuss men’s fashion and professional athletes on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Then lebron shows up in suits before games.

The word metrosexual was introduced two decades ago, 1994. a british author.

20 years ago people started saying this?

At least in britain.

It took another 10 years for the united states.

What we see now is that the hip-hop industry embraced fashion for a while.

And athletes picked up a lot from those rappers and where those performers have dropped off.

There was david beckham and tom brady and now more so than any other sport, the basketball players.

You have these men who spend their entire careers in baggy athletic clothing and then they go off the court and they put on some well-made suits.

Does that translate into selling products?

When you are at a miami heat game, and my husband is watching lebron, he is not saying, let me pick that up.

When i am watching the oscars i see with those women are wearing and i want to buy their clothes.

This is absolutely a driver for men for the simple reason that men want to look at guys who are style icons.

As an inspiration.

The truism, men don't look at male models and say i want to be that guy, they look at lebron james and say i want to be that guy.

Whether they are actors or musicians -- i think when the term metrosexual was introduced, it was almost a put down for guys who want to dress up, and now athletes are doing this and i think that this is a way -- i talked about this earlier.

I will go to a fashion show and it is not unlikely to see someone like amar'e stoudemire crowding it up.

These are big guys, by the way.

I remember the line from "american gangster," to find the weakest guy in the room, look for the loudest type.

How do you find the peacocks -- there are people out there who are peacocks, this is a crowded field in fashion but with basketball players, they really invest in the smart pieces, they invest in the tailor and everything fits perfectly and they spend as much time with their tailor as their coach.

Do athletes sell more magazines?

They are great sellers and if you look over the last few years, we had more athletes on the cover of "gq" than ever in the past.

These guys are passionate about style and i will not speak for the editors but they feel that the athletes really bring that.

They are not just being dressed up as manikins, they have a love of style.

You are selling more magazines.

What about when you open the cover, how do you then make the jump to selling more product?

What we find, anecdotally, is that designers love at that -- love athletes because the athletes have a masculine tone to the fashion, they embraced this in a way that is authentic.

And that will make guys by that.

What we do -- buy it.

What we do is we provide service, show me how to do it and make me confident and comfortable.

One thing i say is two women go to the same party wearing the same thing, there night is ruined.

If two guys go to the party wearing the same thing they will start high-fiving each other.

It is a special moment and when you think about products, you can't overlook michael jordan.

He has not played basketball in years, but his collaboration with nike is one of the best-selling lines.

Coming out with a new shoe today.

He has not been on the court in 15 years.

And this is a name that we recognize and in the fashion world, you recognize that with the air force ones.

Is there one guy who is a style icon, is this david beckham or lebron james, who is the guy that everyone wants to emulate?


I would say pharrell.

That hat.

Arby's bought that hat.

Arby's logo is a hat.

They bought it back.

Pharrell is the king.

He has better perfect -- perfect style and he is a nice guy, who doesn't want to be that guy.

He is out there and he wore shorts to the oscars, that is a volkswagen.

With athletes you can't forget about tom brady, gisele's husband.

Even with stetson cologne -- he is the face of uggs.

He is a style icon, just because they ask you to wear these big, furry boots --is that stylish?

That blue jacket he was wearing, he had the best accessories.

He has gisele and is not worried in that department.

He pulled that off with confidence.

That gives him credibility.

I also think dwyane wade has great style.

Basketball players are killing it right now.

Carmelo and amar'e stoudemire.

No place for baseball players?

Baseball needs to bring it up.

The next one is the nfl.

We have style wars with victor cruz and others battling for the best rest nfl guy.

Why is the nba getting attention?

We can have great clothes, too.

And those are some great looking guys.

Baseball needs to step it up

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